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House of Bishops sacks Namirembe chancellor over fraudulent nomination of bishop



The House of Bishops sitting at Namirembe has today recommended the sacking of Frederick Mpanga from the position of Chancellor of Namirembe Diocese. This follows the fraudulent nomination process of Rev Moses Banja and Rev Abraham Muyinda as candidates for the vacant position of the Bishop of Namirembe, the oldest diocese in Uganda.

Lawyer Mpanga of AF Mpanga Advocates as Chancellor heads the nomination committee but had instead turned it into an endorsement camp of his preferred candidate Moses Banja. Muyinda had been smuggled in at the last hour to provide a semblance of election as he didn’t originally apply during the call for applications.

The House of Bishops that sat today at Namirembe under tight security reviewed evidence provided by the elders in their petition and samples through phonecalls using a loud speaker to all the committee members.

Ten of the 13 committee members that attended the Saturday meeting at Kings College Budo confirmed having not elected Banja and Muyinda and had rejected Mpanga’s decision to simply select two people and have the committee endorse them.

Mpanga had promised to call for another meeting but instead simply forwarded names to the House of Bishops chaired by Archbishop Kaziimba Mugalu prompting the elders to sign a petition.

With that evidence, the House of Bishops concluded that the process needs to be repeated but with Mpanga not as committee chair.

“The House of Bishops has recommended that the chancellor steps aside and have the Vice Chancellor take over the nomination process,” the source at the Namirembe meeting said.

“The bishops are cognizant of what is happening on Luweero and Kumi dioceses and don’t want this to become the norm in every election of the bishop,” another source added.

The House of Bishops also acknowledged the evidence provided that Rev Muyinda didn’t originally apply for the position and was only smuggled in at the last moment as a means of paving the way for Banja.

Banja has been the preferred candidate of Luwalira, the outgoing bishop and as the person who appoints the chancellor, Mpanga was said to be doing his bidding. Mpanga is also said to have bought Bishop Luwalira a vehicle as a retirement gift.

The nomination process is leaving an eggshell on the 14 year career of Luwalira as bishop of the most influential diocese in Uganda.

His direct involvement in influencing the nomination of his successor shows that they could be something he wants to hide.

The elders who petitioned the House pf Bishops see Banja as unfit to lead given his poor performance in Luzira archdeaconry and Mukono.

“Banja even sleeps on the pulpit while leading service. He seems to be suffering from Kasumagizi (sleeping sick) because what would explain this behavior?” an elder asked.

Banja previously applied for the position of Bishop of Luweero but was thrown out on similar grounds.

The nomination process is expected to resume again next week after Independence Day.
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