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Dubai Named The Best Tourism Centre In ‘Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Award



By Stuart G-Kharst

Dubai has scooped the ‘Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Award. The ‘United Arab Emirates (UAE) was in 2022 named ‘The Best of the Best Destinations’ by Tripadvisor, a travel platform which annually releases travellers’ awards.

popular for its spectacular skyscrapers and beautiful beaches, Dubai faced off with various entries from the Middle East, Europe and coveted tropical and desert getaways.

Tourists have always given the city good reviews because of the various ‘enjoyments’ options it provides.

Speaking about the city, Justin Reid, director of media, destination, and travel at Tripadvisor, said it is “an ultramodern city that has it all… Despite the effects of the pandemic, Dubai still attracted visitors from near and far over the past year and has stood out as their favourite place to go in a year when they really needed some excitement.

Crown prince and Chairman Executive Council of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, said the award affirms their commitment to turn Dubai into the world’s top destination for tourism and business as stated in the key goal of the Dubai Economic Agenda D33.

Being named the No.1 global destination for a second consecutive year reflects the significant work undertaken by the city’s many stakeholders, our strong public-private partnership model, and Dubai’s global network of partners – all of which are aligned towards the guiding vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to make Dubai the city of the future and the world’s best destination to visit, live and work,” said Helal Saeed Almarri, director general of Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET).

Tourism is a central pillar of Dubai’s economic growth and diversification, and the continual investment in our product offering, a frictionless and superlative guest experience and the development of the sector and those working in it, will not only serve to further accelerate industry growth but critically, will have a significant multiplier impact on many other elements of Dubai’s economic landscape and global appeal to businesses and talent. Adding that the Agenda’s objective is to consolidate Dubai’s status as one of the world’s top three cities for tourism and business but also as a hub for connectivity, commerce and investment.

According to Tripadvisor, the Travelers’ Choice Award is given to a destination with the best ratings from tourists.

Previous winners include Bali in Indonesia, London in the United Kingdom, Rome in Italy, Paris in France, Cancun in Mexico, Crete in Greece, Marrakech in Morocco, the Dominican Republic and Istanbul in Turkey.

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