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STANLEY NDAWULA; A wolf in sheep’s skin riding on public sympathy to wreck marriages



Just last week, we exposed journalist turned extortionist Stanley Ndawula’s extortion crimes in detail.
We told of how the cunning fella has ruined businesses of those who refuse to kowtow to his extortion ways.

And if you thought that’s only what he does, think twice.
Ndawula has not only extorted people out of their finances, but he has also extorted women and crushed marriages.

Today, we expose extortionist Ndawula’s sex secrets in detail….

#SimanyiObaNtegerekeka is a popular vernacular catch phrase on Facebook, which Mr Stanley Ndawula uses to sign out on every post he makes on Facebook particularly when he’s is seeking public sympathy.

With this hashtag and social media posts which wrongly portray Ndawula, also known as Ndugu, he has successfully duped many unsuspecting women to think he is a man with a good heart.
Couple this with his soft spokenness, Ndawula has steadily found his way in many women’s pants.
Married women, single mothers, grand mothers. All of them.

Ndawula’s litany of sex sins

Cunning Ndawula teamed up with a lawyer friend of his, also a shareholder in Investigator, and turned eatery Yaya Xtra Lounge into a sex haven.
We hear the two have broken marriages. A case in point is music investor Ronnie Mulindwa who lost his wife Sharon O and mother of his child to the said lawyer.
According to close sources, the two have a room at Yaya which they disguise as an office. Inside there’s a bed which the two use to bonk married men.
We are told there are even cameras in the room that record their sexcapades.

Yaya Sex Trips

At the end of the Covid-19 lockdown, Ndawula started Yaya trips where he wooed customers’ wives and lined them with serial city bonkmates like Malcom Kiyimba, Vince Musisi and a one Charlie among others.
They would bonk bonk married women to shreds.

Widow known as Joyce

The heartless extortionist used his small money amassed from violating Covid guidelines by hosting covidiots at Yaya to hook up a a lady known as Joyce who had just lost a husband.
We hear he would first take weed tea and later bonk Joyce as her husband’s ghost turned in the grave.

War erupts among married women

At some point, married women started fighting for smart wire Ndawula during one of the Yaya trips. We hear he would invest lots of money in the women, probably the reason he defaults on loan payments.
We hear this was partly the cause of the collapse of the tours.

A friend’s bummy police wife

Ndawula clashes with ex bummy cop’s hubby
During his Red Pepper days, Ndawula was secretly bonking a senior female police officer.
He would share her with her boss. As luck would run out, the police officer’s husband who happened to be Ndawula’s friend would later find out that Ndawula was accessing his wife’s nether region. The husband called his friend Ndawula and wondered why he had chosen to bonk his wife. “How would you betray me like this my brother,” the police officer’s husband asked Ndawula on phone.
The two since then fell out and don’t talk.

Ndawula group romps with top government official’s husband and slay queens

During Covid, Ndawula would pimp women for a husband of a top government official who stays in the neighbourhood. The two horny men would then take these unsuspecting women for threesomes in an apartment in the neighborhood.
The top government official would soon find out that Ndawula was ‘wasting’ his husband and she ordered Police to close off his Yaya. It’s then that Yaya started having issues with Police.
But then Ndawula threatened to expose the woman like he did to former IGP Kale Kayihura
She coiled her tail.

It’s such sex escapades that led to the mini collapse of Yaya which previously was doing extremely well.