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EXPOSED! Stanley Ndawula’s list of shocking extortion cases revealed



Stanley Ndawula has been making the rounds lately over financial reasons.

Two days ago, the veteran journalist whose record of extortion in town is unmatched, hit big headlines with auctioneers advertising his place of residence Yaya Extra located in the heart of Kisasi center.

First forward, Mr Ndawula, also spokesperson of a chiefdom in Kooki bought the residence through clinching a mega extortion deal, sacrificing public service officials some of whom have since died in prison.

He took shs 1 billion promising to save them prison.

But as the Bible says, live by the sword, die by the sword.. the ghost of Obey and Lwamafa has returned to haunt the veteran- Luganda speaking ruthless scribe.

In this article we bring to light series a of episodes in which Ndawula has obtained money without caring whether he clashes with friends or not as long the notes of shillings are in his custody.

And he later turns out to play a victim card while milking public sympathy.

So the loan he acquired and staked Yaya residence is not the first time extortionist Ndawula has refused to pay money he is owed.

Neither is it the first time he has been involved in a financial scandal.
Over the years, Ndawula has double dealt business partners.
Today we expose his financial double dealings.

Just as the above scandal is still fresh in people’s minds, a business lady based in Kikubo accused Ndawula of refusing to pay Shs11.5 million after she supplied him with drinks.

Sera K Nyongozi, we can reveal, owns a liquor shop in Kikubo. Ndawula bought whiskeys worth shs15.5 million in December 2021. Since she is a wife to one of Ndawula’s friends, they extended credit to him and he paid Shs4 million and promised to clear the balance of shs11.5 million in a matter of days.

Almost one and half years later, Ndawula is yet to pay even a coin.
Hmmmm. Now what kind of man is this. And remember, this is his friend’s wife he has refused to pay.

We have also learnt that Ndawula was fired from Red Pepper in 2012 afterhe extorted money from the infamous OPM scandal. According to sources, Ndawula was using Red Pepper platform to extort from various members of society who feared being exposed in media.

He had done this for so long until the OPM scandal when Red Pepper directors got to know of his clandestine dealings and showed him the exit.

He also fell out with his then good friend late Afande Felix Kaweesi after they disagreed on money for a story of murdered Mutungo tycoon Wilberforce Wamala. Whereas Kaweesi and Ndawula had been eating together, he later double crossed him. As of today even Kaweesi’s ghost can’t greet Ndawula.

And Kaweesi is not the only police officer he fell out with.

At the height of the Pension fund scandal that involved the likes of Christopher Obey, Ndawula was given Shs1 billion to deliver to Grace Akullo at CID. Instead he (Ndawula) vanished in thin air and Akullo never got even a single shilling.

He got the money from Christopher Obey under the pretext that he would use his connections with Akullo to get him(Obey) off the investigations.

He instead booked into Golf Course hotel for over a month, only sleeping with woman after woman.

He used the balance to buy his Yaya Xtra residence which is now on the verge of being taken over a loan he acquired from Equity bank and has failed to service.

His battles with former IGP Gen Kale Kayihura are well documented. Before he turned against the army man, the two were tight as Siamese twins. Sadly for Kayihura, it ended in tears.

In around 2014, Ndawula connived with a one Naphtal Weere, then the logistics manager with MTN Uganda and forged documents instructing MTN’s finance department to pay Sh600 million to a fake Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) bank account .

What’s even more shocking is when the money was indeed paid, Ndawula disappeared from Weere and ate all the money alone.

Weere would later be fired from MTN as Ndawula lived large with slay queens. Sadly, Weere, years later, died a very frustrated, broke man.

Lately, extortionist Ndawula has been all over social media fighting Sudhir Ruparelia, who at one time was his godfather.

At one time when Ndawula was broke and struggling to make ends meet, property mogul Sudhir bought Ndawula’s Investigator website 5 computers and gave him Shs20 million cash on top of big money adverts for three years to help him get back on his feet.

Instead, Ndawula like the whole world knows turned against Sudhir and is now fighting him. This is a classic example biting a hand that fed you.

When DP stalwart Hon Fred Mukasa Mbidde was still a member of the East African Parliament and was based in Arusha Tanzania, he sent his very close friend who he referred to as ‘brother’ to pick $150,000 from somewhere around Kampala. Indeed, Ndawula picked it and never gave anything to Mbidde.

He took all the money. Their brotherhood ended there and then.

In the immediate aftermath of the Covid 19 lockdown, cunning Ndawula introduced Yaya Trips where his customers and friends would move around the country in the pretext of touring. Members interested in traveling would pay a fee. Instead he would channel the money into his personal use and hence the collapse of the trips.
Most of these members have since ran away from Yaya.

We can also reveal that Ndawula clashed with Letshego after taking loan and he refused to pay.

When they moved to take over his property he had staked as security, he blackmailed them by threatening to expose the money lending company as Kale Kayihura’s. This was during the time, Kayihura had been incarcerated over his treason issues. Letshego, in order to protect it’s name and business, let go of the matter.

It’s clear Ndawula is not a legitimate or genuine man. He is a cunning fella who has used media to extort from a huge number of Ugandans.

Mulabe duka