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You are one of my mentors – Spice Diana to Sheebah as they burry hatchet



By BigEyeUg Team

We can now confirm to you that the ‘bad blood’ between top Ugandan female singers; Sheebah Karungi and Spice Diana, is now extinct.

The two-year ‘cheeky’ verbal brawl came to its climax on the night of Thursday, May 26, 2022 when Spice Diana had hosted her friends and media as she premiered her latest EP, Star Gal.

During her permanence, Spice Diana spared some time and invited Sheebah Karungi on stage who was among the special guests invited at her EP listening event that went down at Cubana Lounge Munyonyo.

In an emotional tone, Spice Diana said that she was surprised when she called Sheebah and she unhesitatingly accepted the invite to her event.

Spice also revealed that Sheebah Karungi is one of her mentors though their relationship has often been flooded with negativity from the media.

This is a dream come true. Its amazing! Its been a while, you look amazing I love you so much. Sheebah is one of my mentors though the negativity in the media has been trying to spoil that but its never never going to change. Thank you for what you do for the industry, thank you for what you deliver for the women,” Spice Diana said.

In response, Sheebah Karungi cried-foul of male musicians using the media to split the cooperation and love between the female artists, after anticipating that they could be musically overthrown.

Taking it further to her social media, Sheebah Karungi affirmed her good relationship with Spice Diana as it would be a win for all women.

What a moment! As a real feminist, this moment meant ALOT!  Its a win for us as WOMEN! Reminding the world that We are not against each other. The sky got so many stars. We can all shine‼️ Congrats Spice Diana on your EP! Thank you for inviting me. I really had fun! #StarGalEP,” Sheebah Karungi wrote.

The event seemed to some extent themed for the female musicians supporting each other as majority of them turned up.

Some of the these included; Juliana Kanyomozi, Halima Namakula, Winnie Nwagi, Karole Kasita, Pia Pounds, Hellen Lukoma, among others.

It should be recalled, Spice Diana and Sheebah Karungi’s war sparked in 2021 when Spice cried foul of Sheebah commanding her fans (Sheebaholics) to insult her online.

Despite Sheebah keeping mute over the allegations against her, Spice Diana maintained her lamentation over the saga.

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