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How to dress up to a Brunch



By Our Reporter

Weekends are meant for brunches. This means stepping out looking your best, because you know there will be a lot of “gram-worthy” moments.

With this in mind, it leaves one wondering what to put on in order to impress.

Worry  not, we got you.

For the ladies, it is essential that you look out for heels as a must, keeping in mind that comfort is key since brunches are naturally a daytime agenda. There are a variety of collections that women can select from like the block heels, strap heels, wedges, stilettos, with the most-favored go-to being the colorless (see-through) heels.

Brunches are usually high fashion events so this calls for colorful and flamboyant outfits. You can make bold statements by playing with bright colors and trendy outfits because for 10 precious seconds, one can leave a lasting impression anytime, anywhere.

For the gents, sneaker heads have it easy. Pairing a gentle and casual smart outfit with fresh sneakers on a Saturday will earn you double-takes, throw in some fine perfume and the ladies will be swooning. They are super comfy and together with fine detailed jewelry, your look would be complete.

You also can not go wrong if you choose the suited-up look.

Meanwhile, don’t miss the Dress up & Brunch event happening at the Protea Marriott Hotel, Kololo this Saturday and sponsored by Tanqueray.

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