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Gender Ministry: Pandemic-triggered Closure of Schools Exacerbating Child Labour



Government through the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MoGLSD) will join the rest of the world to commemorate the World Day Against Child Labour (WDACL) which will ‘scientifically’ be celebrated on June 12.

The World Day against Child Labour was set aside by member states of the International Labour Organization (ILO) to highlight the plight of children engaged in child labour.

This year’s celebrations will be held at Hotel Africana under the theme: ‘Act Now to End Child Labour’.

Speaking to the Press at Uganda Media Centre on Friday, the MoGLSD Permanent Secretary, Aggrey Kibenge, said that child labour remains a major challenge to Uganda’s socio-economic transformation.

“The consequences of Child Labour are grim. Child Labour can result into extreme bodily and mental harm, and even death. Most saddening, it deprives children of the right to education,” he said.

According to the Uganda National Household Survey (UNHS) 2016/2017, a total of about 2,048,000 children out of the 14,984,929 aged 5-17 years were engaged in some form of Child Labour, which constituted 14 percent of all children nationally.

The male child labourers were 1,124,000 while female labourers were 931,000 constituting 15.9% and 12.1% respectively.

Kibenge added that the school closures and loss of incomes triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic have exacerbated the problem of Child labour as many children have been forced to enter the workforce in order to help their families survive.

“However, I am glad to inform you that the Government has taken drastic steps to eliminate Child Labour,” he added.

This year, according to Kibenge, Government also finalized the development of the National Action Plan (NAP) II 2020/2021-2024-2025 on elimination of Child Labour.

The NAP II was launched by H.E The President on May 1, 2021 and it creates a framework for the prevention, protection, rehabilitation and reduction of risk of children withdrawn from Child Labour.

He also revealed that government programmes like the Universal Primary Education (UPE) and Universal Secondary Education (USE) have ensured that all children can access education at a greatly subsidized cost, reducing the risk of children engaging in Child Labour.

“I am also honored to inform you that tomorrow, the Ministry will inaugurate the National Steering Committee on the Elimination of Child Labour (NSCCL),” Kibenge said, adding that the Committee will be very critical in the implementation of the NAP II.


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India eases COVID rules as new cases dip to two-month low | Coronavirus pandemic News




Many states, including capital New Delhi, ease restrictions as new infections drop to the lowest since March 31.

Many Indian states have eased coronavirus restrictions, including the capital New Delhi, where authorities allowed all shops and shopping centres to open, as the number of new infections dropped to the lowest in more than two months.

Experts have cautioned against a full reopening as India has vaccinated only about 5 percent of its estimated 950 million adults with the necessary two doses, leaving millions vulnerable.

Infections peaked in India in May with about 400,000 new cases a day but that dropped to 70,421 new infections reported on Monday, the lowest daily increase since March 31, health ministry data showed.

The number of deaths went up by 3,921, the data showed.

India has had the second-highest tally of COVID-19 infections in the world after the United States, with 29.51 million cases and 374,305 deaths, according to ministry data.

Authorities in Delhi allowed all shops and shopping centres to reopen although bars, gyms, salons, cinemas and parks remained shut.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said markets and restaurants would be carefully watched this week.

“If we see coronavirus cases are going up, we will have to reimpose strict restrictions,” Kejriwal said in a televised address on Sunday.

Hospitals in Delhi had struggled to provide oxygen cylinders and beds to patients last month as infections surged but, earlier this month, the city allowed businesses to bring back 50 percent of employees and partially resumed public transport.

In the southern state of Tamil Nadu, known for automobile manufacturing, some businesses were allowed to bring back 50 percent of employees and salons and liquor shops re-opened. Bus services remained suspended until June 21.

In Bengaluru, the capital of neighbouring Karnataka state and a major tech hub, traffic returned to the streets as authorities allowed the partial re-opening of businesses though the strict night and weekend curfews remained in place.

The pressure to resume some economic activity has grown as millions depend on daily wages to pay for food and rent.

“India needs to reopen as the challenge of maintaining a fine balance between lives and livelihoods is very crucial,” said Rajib Dasgupta, head of the Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health at New Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University.

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Eddie Mutwe, Nubian Li Released on Bail




The General Court Martial in Makindye has on Monday released on bail the remaining members of the National Unity Platform who have been on remand since December last year.

The released include Bobi Wine bodyguard Eddie Mutwe,Singer Nubian Li and Producer Dan Magic.

The released are facing charges related to possession of fire arms.

The group had made several attempts at bail but kept getting stonewalled by government prosecution, on different grounds.

In the last court sitting in which teh army court released 17 of the 35 NUP supporters, Chairman Gen Court Martial sent back Eddie Mutwe and his group on remand, on grounds that prosecution was still examining their affidavits.

The group was arrested on December 30th 2020 in Kalangala district, while on the campaign trail with their candidate Robert Kyagulanyi.

“All our comrades who were arrested last year from Kalangala have been released on bail. These have spent six months while under detention for no crime whatsoever. Thanks to our legal team and everyone who has worked tirelessly to ensure these comrades regain their freedom,” NUP said in a statement.

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Kanungu DHO Dr Sebudde Dies of Covid19




Dr Stephen Ssebudde the Kanungu District Health Officer has succumbed to COVID-19.

Dr Ssebudde passed away on Sunday evening at Entebbe hospital where he has been receiving treatment for Covid19 after he started feeling unwell early this week.

News of his death was confirmed by a family who told this reporter that Ssebudde died at around 6Pm after three days of admission in Entebbe Hospital.

“Kanungu District Health Officer Dr Ssebudde died at around 6pm today after 3 days of admission in Entebbe Hospital. As per family, RIP” message from a family member reads.

Hajji Shaffiq Ssekandi the Kanungu Resident District Commissioner who also heads the District COVID-19 taskforce described Ssebudde’s death as a big blow to the district health department since he has been working selflessly to ensure that all people in the community are equally served when it comes to health.

His death comes at a time when the country has already registered cumulative confirmed covid19 cases of 61,977 representing a test positivity rate of 18.7%.

The country has 884 Active cases on admission, 48,160 Cumulative recoveries, and 428 total deaths.

According to Ministerial statistics, 777,895 Persons have so far been vaccinated against COVID-19.

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