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Tiwa Savage confronts Seyi Shay in Salon, quarrels and threatens thump her



Seems no one can step in Nigerian female star, Tiwa Savage and goes away with it!

Seyi Shay and Tiwa Savage beef

A video of her blasting and threatening to thump fellow singer Seyi Shay while in saloon is trending on social media platform.

According to eyewitnesses, it all started when Shay went over to say hi to Tiwa Savage, who rejected the pleasantries and chose the moment to air her grievances.

This was the first time Savage and Shay have said hi to each other since Kizz Daniel’s viral #FvckYouChallenge in 2019, during which Shay and Victoria Kimani seemed to take aim at African Bad Gyal.

The two part video on Tunde Ednut’s Instagram page starts thus;

Savage: I’m quiet. I don’t want to respond properly, I don’t want to disgrace or embarass you. You or me because we grown, but don’t think you guys [you and Victoria Kimani] can do what you did…

ShayI’m not going to listen to this. You got your facts wrong…

Savage: Listen, don’t come to me and think you can say hi to me with the dirty and disgusting spirit that you have . You think I’ve forgotten what you and Victoria Kimani did how many years ago? You think I can forget?

Shay: Tiwa, what about the things you have done? I’m not like you, I’m not going to do that.

Savage: Open it

Then a ruckus ensues as the camera fails to capture footage. But it seems like both vixens were ready to go at each other, especially Tiwa Savage. The conversation resumes;

SavageIf you have the nerve, open it.

Shay: Open what? I’m not petty.

Savage: I’m petty. Open it!!! Open it [sounds like a physical confrontation] Shebi it’s you that said you wanted to open my nyash now. See open it!

Shay: I am not gonna do that.

Savage: Listen, on my son [Jamil]… On my child, [says that “I gave birth to” in Yoruba], I will never.. God should take my child if I have ever said anything about you or Victoria Kimani. Bitch I’m made, I have money, I have nothing to take from you. I’m not going to be hired for a show and…

Shay: You think that’s what it is, Tiwa?

Savage Interjects: I have never said anything else.

Shay resumes: If you wanna start acting up and acting like an agbaya right now. Carry on…

Savage interjects again: I have never taken a job from you, I have never gone on radio…

Shay: I only wanted to squash…

Savage: Don’t try and squash shit by saying hi, try and squash shit by calling me on the phone to discuss it… No ma nigga, you did a whole song. You and that bitch did a whole song; you and that bitch did a whole song. You went on interviews, you said shit, I didn’t say anything.

Shay:I went on interviews and said shit? Tiwa, let me not open your nyash here, please.

Savage: Open itttt! Your nyash is the dirtiest in this industry, you fucking whore. *Says in Yoruba* There’s nothing I’ve done in this world that I regret. There’s nothing, everybody knows I work hard for my shit. Look at you, you look half dead. You need to mind your business, to get a clearer skin.

[A chorus of “Whore!” ensues in the background]

*Videos end*

In January 2019, Nigerian star, Kizz Daniel started a viral challenge tagged #FvckYouChallenge. The song it came with was a purge for Daniel, who addressed a cheating ex with some serious bouts of warranted slut shaming. The challenge was then propelled by other celebrities like Tiwa, Seyi Shay and Kimani.

In her March 2019 song, Savage chronicled the affairs of a cheating ex whom she sent to Canada with her money. She also sang about how that ex who still owes Club Xscape – a Lagos nightclub – money for 50 bottles. At the time, many rumored that shots on the song were aimed at her ex-husband, Tunji Balogun, but those claims were quickly dismissed.

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ESSANNYU! Ssaawa ya kunyenya kiwato olw’ennyonta y’akaboozi, Eddi Mutwe, Nubian n’abalala bayimbuddwa




Kyaddaki kkooti y’amaggye eyimbudde Eddi Mutwe, Nubian Li ssaako ne banaabwe 16 abaludde ku limanda ku misango gy’okusangibwa n’ebyokulwanyisa mu ngeri emenya amateeka.

Bano basimbiddwa mu kkooti y’amaggye e Makindye ebadde ekubirizibwa ssentebe Lt Gen Andrew Gutti enkya ya leero.
Mu kkooti, Gen. Gutti, abayimbudde olw’okumala emyezi mukaaga (6) nga bali ku limanda bukya bakwattibwa nga 30, December, 2020 era buli omu asabiddwa obukadde 20 ezitali za buliwo.

Mu ngeri y’emu bateekeddwako obukwakulizo obw’enjawulo, nga tebateekeddwa kutambula kusukka Kampala na Wakiso, okweyanjula mu kkooti emirundi 2 omwezi.

Ate ababeyimiridde kubaddeko amyuka Pulezidenti w’ekibiina ki NUP mu Buganda mu era akulira oludda oluvuganya mu Palamenti Mathias Mpuuga, omuwandiisi w’ekibiina David Lewis Rubongoya, omwogezi w’ekibiina ki NUP Jeol Ssenyonyi, ssaako n’akulira okutendeka mu kibiina ki NUP Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro era basabiddwa obukadde 50 buli omu ezitali za buliwo.

Gutti, abasuubiza okuddamu okukwattibwa singa bagezzako, okugyemera ebiragiro buli omu byawereddwa.

Okusinzira ku ludda oluwaabi, nga 3, Janwali, 2021 mu bitundu bye Makerere Kavule mu zzooni y’omu Kigundu e Kawempe, abavunaanibwa baasangibwa n’amasasi 4 ag’emmundu ya AK 47 mu ngeri emenya amateeka era baakwatibwa nga 30, December, 2020 mu disitulikiti y’e Kalangala, Pulezidenti w’ekibiina ki NUP Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) omu kw’abo abaali besimbyewo ku ntebe y’obukulembeze bw’eggwanga, bwe yali agenze okunoonya akalulu, mu kitundu ekyo.

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Police Bust Pharmacies Selling Over 600 Astra Zeneca Vaccines




Pharmacies Selling Over 600 Astra Zeneca Vaccines

The Police Crime Intelligence Unit in Kampala is investigating several pharmacies found in illegal possession of the Astra Zeneca Covid19 vaccine.

After an intelligence led 2 day heated operation over the weekend police managed to bust over 10 suspects and impound 600 doses of the vaccine from various Kampala pharmacies.

The operation that followed a tip off from a citizen was conducted in the areas of Bukoto, Mulago-Wandegeya and Ntinda.

Police says their cops were first sent to over 5 pharmacies in the guise of travellers looking for Covid-19 vaccination and certificates .

All Pharmacies they visited asserted the vaccines were available for sale and certificates would be awarded.

The Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police Spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire has however declined to reveal the identities of the suspects not to jeopardize investigations. 

 He says the suspects are locked up at the Special Investigations Unit-SIU Kireka as inquires happen..

Pharmacies Selling Over 600 Astra Zeneca Vaccines

This is no the 1st time that incidents of theft are being reported, recently, Police busted a 22year old man in Kampala administering Covid19 jabs to workers at National Medical stores -NMS at 25k per dose.

Police has also revealed that similar operations are ongoing followinginformation that people stole COVID-19 vaccines from the Ministry of Health storage facility and are now busy selling them to the public on the black market.

Meanwhile over 700000 jabs of the 964,000 doses of AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccines donated by Covax facility and India have already been used up.

The country has already started registering a shortage of the vaccines as demand increases following the second deadlier wave of Covid19.

The government is preparing to get Johnson and Johnson vaccines from the USA and Cuba since India suspended exports.

The Ministry of Health on Sunday reported 1727 new Covid infections to take the tally to 61977, 5 deaths leading to 428 dead people now.

Several hospitals have also reported that the number of Covid patients admitted has more than doubled whereas those in Intensive Care Units have also gone up.

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Kabako vs Chairman Ntuyo | The land wrangle that rocked Busabala




Over the weekend, singer Roden Y Kabako was involved in a fierce wrangle with a one Chairman Ntuyo that had him arrested over a piece of land in Busabala.

Roden Y Kabako, real name Yusuf Ssenabulya, is a singer under the Team No Sleep group. He has been doing music for more than ten years.

His rise to fame, however, only came about five years ago when he joined TNS together with Sheebah Karungi, AK47, and others.

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