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Chris Obore has unfinished business with strong message to foes ‘There are no special MPs’ on return from raring chicken



Chris Obore has returned to his position of Director Communications and Public Affairs at Parliament (Courtesy Photo)

Chris Obore is back and barking orders in Parliament after two years of absence.

Chris Obore returned to work at the August House, a day after his main man Jacob Olanyah was sworn in as Speaker.

He lost his position as Director of Communications and Public Affairs following allegations that he did not take accumulated leave of 5 years. And reports by the IGG that he was irregularly appointed in 2015.

The former Daily Monitor investigative reporter, celebrated his return with a strong message, seemingly to outgoing speaker Kadaga and her supporters.

The Kamuli woman legislator had a substantial number of MPs from the ruling party NRM and opposition siding with her in battle to reclaim her position.

Obore last night issued a statement to all MPs in Parliament that he is in charge and that nobody all will receive equal treatment.

The Parliament mouthpiece in an interview with The New Vision, said: “There are no special MPs. All MPs are equal and are entitled to office space provided by Parliament except those who become ministers.”

He said: “There is no MP who is given special treatment… except those with special needs.”

Obore’s stun message comes at a time when Parliament is hot on the heels of the public for securing office space at the new building in town Kingdom Building to house MPs.

The message also comes at a time when President Yoweri Museveni is burning night candles over the look of his candidate.

Museveni met NRM caucus at Kololo Airstrip where he requested for an additional slot for a minister of state.

He informed NRM MPs he had concluded on the position of the Vice President and the Prime Minister and wanted them to start work very quickly.

Kadaga during her campaign for speaker, rejected the position of Vice President. It remains to be seen if she will still go ahead to reject it.

If the President’s list comes out and she is missing on it then Obore will have had the last laugh with former speaker headed for back bencher role and occupying same office space as her colleagues.

Obore’s forced leave

Obore was reportedly pushed out in 2019 after missing 5 years’ of leave.

Sources at Parliament then revealed that the Sergeant at Arms locked him out of his office.

The Clerk to Parliament then asked Obore to take a forced leave of five years.

Obore took the matter up with his lawyers Kampala Associated Advocates to the Public Service arguing against it.

They reasoned that, when public servant doesn’t apply for leave in a given calendar year, they forfeit it.

IGG Irene Mulyagonja did not makers matters lighter for the former journalist when she wrote to Parliament recommending for the termination of Obore’s contract.

The Clerk to Parliament then wrote asking him to vacate office or defend himself or battle his accusers in court.

Obore reportedly earned the job after Parliamentary Commission relaxed its call for holders of master’s degrees to bachelor’s degree.

However, luck run out on the former scribe when IGG insisted Parliamentary Commission didn’t publicly advertise for the jobs after revising it’s minutes but simply invited specific applicants individually.

Raring chicken

Obore then retired to his home base in Bukedea where he has been raring chicken as captured on his social media pages.

One of his posts on social media read: “How is Kampala? Bukedea is sunny and peaceful. Just finished feeding chicken.”

Obore proudly not so long ago talked about his chicken raring hobby when called for President Museveni’s swearing ceremony at Kololo where he was invited.

He said: “I left cleaning my chicken houses after being invited to witness the inauguration of President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni. The old man is grounded on international policy, economics and politics. Conceptually clear.”
Obore added: “On my way now to see my chicken. Before I left I met my Woman MP who is vying for position of Deputy Speaker. If she wins , she will be the first in the history of Teso and my village.”

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KITALO! Abayimbi bali mu maziga, wuuno Polodyusa w’ennyimba attiddwa mu bukambwe e Kireka




Entiisa ebuutikidde abatuuze b’e Kireka, Polodyusa Daviri Allan bw’asangiddwa ng’attiddwa enkya ya leero.

Omulambo gwa Polodyusa Allan gusangiddwa mu nju mwabadde asula mu kitaba ky’omusaayi era gulabiddwa abatuuze omu ku baneyiba ku ssaawa nga 12 ez’okumakya ga leero ne batemya ku Poliisi.

Okusinzira kw’amyuka omwogezi wa Poliisi mu Kampala n’emirirwano Luke Owoyesigyire, Polodyusa Allan abadde alina situdiyo mu nju kyokka okumpi n’omulambo wasangiddwawo obwambe bubiri (2) nga akamu kaliko omusaayi.

Owoyesigyire agamba nti okunoonyereza kulaga nti waabaddewo okulwanagana okutuusa Polodyusa Allan lwe yattiddwa.

Omulambo gutwaliddwa mu ddwaaliro ekkulu e Mulago okwekebejjebwa nga Poliisi etandiise okunoonyereza.

Poliisi egamba nti abatuuze bagiddwako sitetimenti ezigenda okubayambako mu kunoonyereza kwabwe okuzuula abatemu n’ensonga lwaki yattiddwa.

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Flavia Tumusiime reveals ‘she’s been battling Covid-19’ after surviving




Media Personality Flavia Tumusiime has opened up that she has been battling with Coronavirus for the past fortnight.

Taking to her Facebook page, Flavia Tumusiime revealed that suffering from Covid-19 is the worst experience one can ever have. The stunning mother of one added that she never wishes for anyone to suffer from the deadly pandemic.

She advises everyone to take precautions and observe SOPs to avoid contracting or spreading the pandemic.

“Are you being safe? My heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones and are nursing the sick. My heart to you who is positive with COVID and in isolation fighting your best.

I can’t begin to explain the feeling when you think your sense of smell will never return or that your chest that is hurting so bad is a sign of damage inside.

I have healed and don’t wish it upon anyone. Please wear your mask, sanitize since we must still go to work to fend for ourselves and our families. Praying for us all.”, she posted.

Flavia also went ahead and tipped;

Meanwhile, yesterday Police together with the Health Monitoring Unit recovered assorted drugs suspected to be worth shs1 billion from a clinic in Nansana, Wakiso district.

According to the Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire , following a tip off from locals about vehicles seen ferrying suspected stolen drugs prompting an operation at Brocch medical services, a clinic located in Nansana, Gganda in Wakiso district.

“This operation was as a result of information from locals, who informed the police that trucks had parked at the clinic and drugs were being off loaded and put in other vehicles. The police led by the OC CID Nansana responded and they were able to recover drugs on a parked tipper truck,”Owoyesigyire said.

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Sandra Teta gave birth to Weasel’s baby in mid 2020




Sandra Teta gave birth to Weasel’s baby in mid 2020.

Weasel and Sandra have been together close to four years and their intimacy is said to have sparked immediately after Weasel broke-up with his first baby mama, Shamira.

Sandra Teta and Weasel first broke onto the scene just over two years ago.

The 2014 Miss University Rwanda and the Gudlyfe were painting social media and never cared about the latter’s other women.

Within no time, She was heavy and managed to deliver a bouncing baby girl in May 2020. The baby was named Ria Mayanja.

We have now exclusively learnt that Teta who now stays with Weasel at Neverland is pregnant again.

Our sources have revealed to us that the beautiful model turned business woman is about four months pregnant.

About Sandra Teta

Sandra Teta was born in Uganda in 1991. She spent her childhood in Kampala, Uganda before her family returned to Rwanda after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

She studied at Kigali Parents Primary school and joined FAWE Girls senior secondary school before enrolling at Lycee de Kigali, where she completed her Advanced Level.

Teta joined the School of Finance and Banking—SFB, in 2011, where she contested for Miss SFB and emerged the second runner-up.

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