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Government Moves To Fine Offenders Of COVID -19 SOP’s/Directives



Fine Offenders Of SOP’s

President Yoweri Museveni has vowed to fine any one found disrespecting the COVID19 guidelines .

While addressing the nation on the state of Covid 19 in Uganda following the second wave,the president issued fresh swift measures to curb the spread of covid19.

Museveni said Uganda has been hit hard by a second wave of the pandemic resulting from new strains that have since entered the country, these include Indian, South African, Nigerian, Uk variants among others.

He noted that these variants are mostly affecting younger persons between the ages of 10-39 years .

Therefore ,the president said arresting and filling up prisons with people breaching guidelines is not helping .

Museveni says instead of arresting, persons disrespecting the standard operating procedures-Sop’s will be punished by paying fines under the ministry of finance.

”Violation of these measures will lead to fines that will be given out soon in a Statutory Instrument signed by the Permanent Secretary (PS) Treasury. Those who do not care about the health of Ugandans will pay financially.
All the above directives, except where explicitly stated, take IMMEDIATE EFFECT. The government will continuously observe the compliance and make necessary adjustments accordingly.”Museveni stated

He added that the fines will cut across all sectors for breaching SOP’s .

”The enforcement of the above directives does not only lie with the law enforcers but also the owners of public transport organizations, owners of premises, and individuals. If you fail to comply within one week, I will enforce total lockdown.”he added

Below is the list of measures issued, to be adhered to with immediate effect.

1. All schools and institutions of learning have been closed for 42 days. and all teachers should get compulsory vaccination before opening.

2. Communal prayers in Mosques, Churches, or in Stadium and other open-air, venues are suspended for 42 days.

3. All Public and cultural gatherings including conferences are suspended for 42 days.

4. Travel from Category 1 countries, as defined by the Ministry of Health, remain suspended except returning Ugandans. At the moment, only India is listed as category A.

5. Agricultural activities which are: cultivating or ploughing gardens, herding livestock (whether free-range or zero-grazing) and fishing for fish-farming to continue because, fortunately, most of them do not encourage crowding.

6.The non-agricultural activities that will be allowed to continue are: factory activities, construction activities, shopping malls, super-markets to continue while observing SOPs issued by the Ministry of Health.

7.These gathering points such as factories hotels, large plantations, markets, taxi parks, etc., should be allowed to operate under strict observance of SOPS.

These must observe strict SoPs, failure to comply within a week will lead to complete closure.

8.  Marriage ceremonies, parties, and all other social gatherings are only allowed with a maximum of 20 people under strict observance of SOPs. House parties are strictly banned and this must be enforced without fail. All guests should wear masks and keep their physical distance.

9.Number of persons at burials, vigils, and funerals should NOT exceed 20 people. All should wear masks and socials distance.

10.  Weekly non-food markets (Mibuulo Markets) are suspended for 42 days throughout the country.

11. Also suspended for 42 days are the monthly cattle auction Markets ebikomera.

12. All public transport (Buses, Taxis, Boda Bodas) between and across districts are suspended for 42 days effective 10th June 2021. This is to allow our children to go home.

Fine Offenders Of SOP’s

13. All inter-district travel banned except travel within Kampala Metropolitan (Kampala, Wakiso, Mukono). only Cargo trucks with only 2 people, Registered tourist vehicles and Essential and Emergency Services vehicles can move.

14. Public transport within the same district is allowed with strict observance of SOPs.
failure to strictly observe the SOPs in the public transport sector will lead to a total suspension of public transport. Tourist vehicles must observe the SOPs.

15. Bars, discos, music shows, cinemas, and concerts remain closed.

16. Sports events will operate under strict observance of SOPs with no spectators, ALL players must have a negative PCR test.

17.All public places (markets, Offices, shopping malls) are directed to maintain strict hygiene, ensure people coming in are sanitized before entry, physical distancing and appropriate use of face masks at all times.

18. Encourage people to work from home whenever possible and revert to 30% physical presence at the workplace for 42 days.

19. Institutions, Organizations, and workplaces to have person/s dedicated to compliance.

20. Private vehicles should be restricted to not more than 3 people including the driver.

21.Ambulances, security vehicles, and garbage collection vehicles are allowed to operate normally.

22.Shopping arcades, hardware shops, and any other commercial entity to operate under strict observance of SoPs and must close at 7 pm countrywide. Failure to comply will lead to total closure. Owners and managers will be held liable for breach of SoPs.Exception be given to Pharmacies to operate beyond 7 pm.

23. Supermarkets will remain open and operate with strict observance of SoPs and close at 7 pm. Owners must enforce the use of masks and sanitizers in the workplace at all times.

24. The food markets should continue operating but enforce SoPs. The market leaders will be held liable for non-compliance to SoPs.

24. Salons, lodges, and garages are allowed to operate up to 7 pm with strict SoPs.

25.  Lodges should be allowed to operate but the bars in these places should not be operational.

26. Factories are allowed to continue operating under strict observance of SoPs and where need arises work in shifts.

27. Construction sites are allowed to continue under strict observance of SoPs.

28. We shall continue to work with the EAC member states to strengthen cross-border surveillance.

29. Private cars are allowed to cross the border provided they observe SoPs and occupants have a negative PCR test result.

30.Curfew shall remain at 21:00 HRS to 05:30 HRS and vigorously enforced except for cargo trucks, Lorries, pick-ups, trains, and aircraft.

31. For health emergencies during curfew, this will be dealt with by security on case by case basis.

32. Boda-Bodas are allowed to transport goods and/or one passenger up to 6 pm for the next 42 days. Failure to comply within one week will lead to complete closure.

33. All these directives take immediate effect from tomorrow Monday 7th of June.

Enforce directive and the responsibility should lie with owners of premises and with security.

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Lugaflow rapper Gravity demands for Covid-19 relief money for families




Lugaflow rapper Gravity wants every family to receive atleast UGX 800,000 as Covid-19 relief money.

Gereson Wabuyu commonly known as Gravity Omutujju has demanded the newly appointed Prime Minister Hon Robinah Nabbanja to give every household atleast make sure that every family gets UGX 800,000 as Covid-19 relief money to help them go through the lockdown that was imposed by President Museveni a week ago.

The multi Zzina Award winner made the demands while speaking in an interview on Spark TV’LiveWire show. “Shs50.000 that was proposed to be sent to each family should be increased with UGX 750,000 because UGX 50k is too little to feed a family for 42 days. If UGX 800k is sent to families, it can enable them to take good care of themselves during the 40 days of lockdown and will also help them to stay at home.” Said the Lugaflow rapper Gravity Omutujju.

Gravity also. gave the Premier free advice of giving the money to a particular head of the family if they want to avoid funding some families twice.

The rapper also requested all city landlords to pardon their tenants during this tough period where many are not earning money to feed themselves and their families.

He however said the tenants can pay later when the situation stabilises.

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Can You Trust Ugandan Casino Operators




By Our Reporter

Uganda is one of the smaller African countries. Located in East-Central Africa, Uganda is home to over 47 million people, as estimated in 2008. Back in 2014, Uganda had a population of over 34 million. The country has several urban cities, including the capital city of Kampala, but its natural wonders are the major attractions. Tourists come to Uganda to witness the Seven Wonders, including the Rwenzori Mountains, Kibale forest, Kazinga Channels, and Mount Elgon Caldera.

When it comes to the country’s economic status, Uganda is one of the COMESA and EAC members. Thanks to numerous natural resources, fertile lands, mineral deposits, and regular rainfall, Uganda’s GDP is led by agriculture that accounts for over 70% of its GDP.

Speaking of GDP, Uganda is on the ninetieth spot with a GDP per capita of USD 916 as estimated in 2020. Besides agriculture, the Ugandan industrial sector led by manufacturing, mining, and construction is quite developed.

Gambling Laws in Uganda

Constant political instabilities have caused this African country to become one of the least developed and poorest in the world. When it comes to the country’s casino gaming industry, it is not as developed as casino industries in several other African countries, including Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. In Uganda, both online and land-based casinos can operate legally provided that they have obtained the required licenses.

The main piece of legislation concerning the casino gambling industry in Uganda is the Lotteries and Gaming Bill. Before the Lotteries and Gaming Bill, two other legislations monitored and governed the industry in the country, including the Gaming and Pool Betting Act from 1968 and the National Lotteries Act from 1967. These two were merged and the Lotteries and Gaming Bill become the main piece of legislation.

Today, numerous online casinos operate in Uganda and serve Ugandan players. Many of these are reputable sites with high-quality services and products and are also renowned, international brands that operate in many different jurisdictions, including Uganda. Back to the main piece of legislation, following the introduction of the Lotteries and Gaming Bill, a new regulatory body was also formed, the National Lotteries and Gaming Board.

Established under the main piece of legislation, the Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Body is supported by a collection of five different regulations. The main regulatory body regulates and licenses all gambling operators in the countries including the operations of sports betting houses, online casinos, and lotteries. The National Lotteries and Gaming Board is also responsible for licensing, supervising, and enforcement of all laws and regulations concerning the Ugandan gambling industry and lotteries such as the popular MTN Kaja Lottery.

Everything on paper looks great, but in reality, there are several contradicting aspects of casino gambling and sports betting. Considering quite low costs to enter this market, Uganda allows numerous casino gaming and sports betting operators to expand their operations here. Even though online casino gaming and sports betting activities in Uganda are regulated, there are still some unregulated sections.

This is also attractive for operators, so there is no wonder how the Uganda government collected massive taxes of over USD 3,1 million from the industry back in 2014.

In addition to the unregulated structure of certain industry aspects, Uganda also struggles with social issues mainly related to underage gambling. In order to gain more control over the Ugandan gambling industry, the National Lotteries Board doubled license fees to over USD 3,500.

The National Lotteries Board also prohibited gambling operators and companies from setting up gaming venues near government offices, markets, and churches. However, not much has changed since 2013, and the Uganda authorities are still looking for ways to strike a balance between the benefits of gambling or taxes and the potential social harms.

Online Casinos in Uganda

Despite these issues, renowned, international online casinos that operate in Uganda are one hundred percent reliable and trustworthy. Every iGaming operator that wants to operate in the country must obtain the required licenses. The Ugandan main regulatory body also performs various checks regarding security and privacy measures taken by these operators. As previously mentioned, numerous regulated, renowned, international iGaming operators serve Ugandan players, and these most certainly fall into
the category of safe and trustworthy online casinos.

Since the internet penetration rate in Uganda is quite low, the majority of sports bets are placed at retail sports betting sites. At the same time, online casinos are becoming more and more popular with major foreign online casino operators entering the Uganda iGaming market. So, what makes online casinos in Uganda trustworthy? They have certain things in common as following.

• They are licensed by the National Lotteries Board
• They offer RNG tested online casino games
• They employ SSL encryption data algorithms
• They offer reliable deposit and withdrawal options
• They provide safe online gaming sessions

Which Online Casinos in Uganda are Trustworthy?

Only Ugandan online casinos that are licensed and regulated by the National Lotteries Board are trustworthy, and fortunately, most online casinos operational here hold licenses issued by the main regulatory body. Trustworthy online casinos always employ the best SSL encryption technology in the form of AES 256-bit encryption. This is the most protective, military-grade technology which makes it impossible for anyone to get ahold of your personal information.

Online casinos in Uganda that deserve your attention always offer RNG tested and audited games. In other words, their gaming libraries feature one hundred percent fair games that deliver fair results at all times. Trustworthy online casinos also guarantee fair play to all registered players no matter which device they use, so mobile games, as well as those who use desktop devices and laptops, enjoy the same, high-quality treatment.

Reliable, secure, and trustworthy online casinos feature excellent banking systems with different deposit and withdrawal options. At these venues, all transactions comply with the strictest security protocols, so everyone’s funds are safe at all times. Secure withdrawals and deposits alongside reliable safety and privacy measures guarantee the most secure online gaming experiences. Trustworthy online casinos do not only employ the best security and safety measures but also offer high-quality customer care departments and generous bonuses.

Those looking for a reliable online casino operational in Uganda with generous bonuses can easily find such a facility, as shown here. Most international online casinos catering to Ugandan players offer welcome bonuses alongside free spins and ongoing promos with clear terms and conditions that everyone can understand. Lastly, trustworthy online casinos in Uganda boast impressive gaming libraries powered by eminent software providers. This means that Ugandan players have hundreds of games, including slots, table games, video poker games, and much more at their disposal.

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Kafumisi Weasel defends Rabadaba’s marriage from naysayers




Kafumisi Weasel defends Rabadaba from naysayers

A week ago, Rabadaba was introduced to Nnalongo Maggie’s family in a move to legalise their bonking sessions that have been going on for over a year.

Soon after the Kwanjula, a number of people stormed social media like Full Figure, Mad Rat, and Chiko to attack Rabadaba for targetting Maggie’s money and in turn, he sent the fire back but also attacking and branding them ignorant and broke.

Fellow kafumisi Weasel has also come out to defend Rabadaba’s marriage with the late AK-47’s wife Nalongo Maggie Kiweesi.

The Gudlyfe singer advised haters to let Rabadaba enjoy his new marriage because a number of other people are surviving in toxic relationships.

Weasel Manizo also called for peace and brotherhood between Rabadaba and Madrat and Chiko after a verbal exchange that erupted when the comedian duo branded Rabadaba a weak man who gets married to women.

Weasel hailed Rabadaba for following his heart and making it official with the woman he loves, the woman of her life despite the fact that she is his later brother AK47’S widow.

It was at this juncture that Weasel requested whoever was throwing insults at one another to cease fire and spread love because they need each other.

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