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Make Collective Decisions to Liberate Yourselves, Tumukunde Tells PWDs



Presidential aspirant and leader of the Renewed Uganda pressure group, Gen Henry Tumukunde has called upon People with Disabilities (PWDs) to not only unite but also make collective decisions, if they are to liberate themselves.

He said it is time for them to speak in a single voice that will project their grievances to the responsible parties.

“It is time for the people with disabilities to stage their own revolution and save their lives from being owned like property. You hear them (government) telling PWDs that ‘you are our people, we own you, we gave you five MP slots so don’t talk,” Tumukunde said.

He made these remarks while launching the Renewed Uganda’s braille manifesto for the disabled who include; the blind, the deaf, those with physical impairment among others at his office in Kampala on Monday.

The ‘Renewed Uganda’ group has interpreted its manifesto into a language that can be read by the blind and it’s the first of its kind, according to Tumukunde.

“Most of these slots in Parliament, including those positions of Women MPs are just placed there for people to go and eat,” he noted.

The manifesto, according to Tumukunde, aims at including the marginalized community which has been sidelined on discriminatory basis.

A blind lady reading the braille manifesto.

“We are determined to deliver holistic, inclusive and sustainable development using a wide range of strategies such as; requiring and supporting all public and private developers and landlords to provide or modify existing structures to enable decent access for Persons with Disabilities,” reads part of the manifesto.

The manifesto also highlights plans to establish regional care homes for PWDs who are in need of welfare.

Tumukunde said that this will not only help in uniting all Ugandans but also give the marginalized communities a reason to thrive in their country.

“As we are talking now, the Albinos are being hunted due to stupid superstitions where people think that they can obtain wealth out of them. We vow to protect them with all our energy,” he said.

Some of the PWDs who turned up for the event.

Dr. Karinge Nyago, the Chairperson of the Renewed Uganda lauded Tumukunde for “thinking about the people” whom he said had been left behind.

“You have made a landmark in Uganda’s history because for the first time, the political platform is launching a braille manifesto,” he said.

Moses Kinubi, who represented the marginalized, said that the interpreted manifesto will help over 12 million people living with disabilities get a chance of knowing what Tumukunde has prepared for them, “and indeed over 4.5 million amongst us are potential voters,” he said.

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