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Inside Mao’s 5 Pillars, 21 Milestones, 45 Million Dreams: Youth to Serve in the Army for 2 Years



While launching his 2020/21 presidential election manifesto in Jinja district on Monday November 30, 2020, the Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate Norbert Mao promised what he termed as “5 pillars, 21 milestones, 45 million dreams” to the people of Uganda.

Although he said that the 5 pillars would lead to the realization of 21 promises which he termed as milestones for 45 million Ugandans’ dreams, Mao did not elaborate in clear detail what they really were.

ChimpReports has accessed in detail, the 5 pillars, 21 milestones for the 45 million dreams.

MAO’s 5 pillars include; servant leadership, reconciling Ugandans, a new consensus, ending corruption and shared prosperity.

The 5 pillars would lead to the realization of 21 milestones that include among others; a Government of national unity, a new constitution, reduction in number of districts and reducing the size of parliament.

Full list of DP’s 21 milestones

A Government of national unity as a basis a peaceful transition. Ugandans need to believe that a peaceful change of Government is possible and that we can break the cycle of violent changes of Government.

A new Constitution resulting from a renegotiated Uganda in which all parts that constitute Uganda feel included as equal shareholders.

Establish a National Truth and Reconciliation Commission to deal with historical grievances and foster national healing.

Restore presidential term limits to tame the power of incumbency in elections.

Introduce an electoral system based on proportional representation.

Reduce the size of Parliament by ensuring that an MP represents a number of citizens  rather than geographical area. Any disparity in balance of power between the majorities and minorities will be moderated by an Upper House in which the constituent parts of Uganda are represented equally.

Reduce the number of districts. Ugandans are underserved and over governed despite the proliferation of local governments.

Fast track devolution and put Uganda on the path to fully fledged Federalism which will address regional aspirations for greater autonomy in service delivery.

Enact a War Victims Compensation Act to oversee the fair and transparent compensation of war victims unlike the current system which is discriminatory and is based on patronage.

Faith based organizations and religious denominations to receive a share of the national budget to help implement social service programs that serve the people.

Uganda’s youths will have opportunities to serve for a two year period in the army. Those who serve will have their undergraduate and postgraduate tuition paid by the State. Whoever has served will remain in a military reservist on call up to the age of 55.

Establish a stolen Assets Recovery Tribunal to deal with national assets corruptly grabbed under the pretext of privatization and to recover land and other assets grabbed by the rich, powerful and well connected people.

Introduce a parliamentary system of government led by an Executive Prime Minister and a ceremonial President/ Head of State to be appointed by the Legislature on a rotational basis of Uganda’s constituent parts.

Reduce the size of Cabinet and the number of Ministries in order to ease the burden of Administrative expenses on the national budget.

Introduce a Conditional Cash Transfer Program targeting families living in extreme poverty based on their actions that meet certain conditions like enrolling their children in schools, abandoning alcoholism and drug abuse, getting regular check ups of vaccination of their children.

Reduce the cost of electricity by dealing with cut throat proliferation in the sector through the amalgamation of the electricity generation, transmission and distribution companies.

Introduce a National Health Service anchored by a National Health Insurance Scheme. Children below the age 5 and senior citizens to get free medical care at public health facilities.

Youth below the age of thirty who marry and commit to start families will get a 20 year low interest mortgage to facilitate their transition tenants to home owners.

Introduce National Service Scheme for the youth to instil in them the spirit of volunteerism and selflessness.

Create an Upper House of Parliament where there will be equal representation of the building blocks that make Uganda.

Establish a new Administrative Capital City for Uganda to host Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies and keep Kampala as a centre of commerce.


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