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Pray for Uganda – Mao Tells Christians in Bukedea District



The Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate Nobert Mao has called on people of Bukedea district to pray for Uganda to have a peaceful change of Government.

Since Uganda got independence from colonial rule in 1962, the change of Government has been through chaos and bloodshed.

Mao, while attending a church service at Christ Testimony Church in Bukedea district on Sunday, told the congregation that the country has witnessed various developments but peaceful change of Government is still a challenge.

“I believe that prayer works. Let me close with an appeal. Pray for Uganda. Uganda has seen many things. We have seen some developments but there is one thing Ugandans have never seen, peaceful change of Government. Every time we have change, there is bloodshed. Let Christians take control of Uganda,” he said.

Quoting the book of Chronicles in the Bible, Mao said this country needs a “healer.”

“If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and cry out to me, I shall show my face and heal their land. Uganda needs a healer. The country is hurting so much. Every part of Uganda is hurting. Let’s pray for healing, pray for reconciliation,” Mao said.

Norbert Mao speaking to congregants at Christ Testimony Church in Bukedea district on Sunday.

Mao also noted that Ugandans need a country whose foundation is love for one another.

He told Christians to have a cause in order to have a better Uganda.

“As DP, we have a cause. We are not in this battle because we are strong. We are in this battle because we have a cause. This church also has a cause. So, if there is a cause, we must fight on,” he added.


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