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Don’t Sell Your Birth Rite Like Esau – Kabuleta Tells Voters



Independent Presidential Candidate Joseph Kabuleta has told voters not to sell their vote but to choose a President who will represent their ideas for development.

Kabuleeta was addressing voters on his campaign trail in Tororo, Eastern Uganda. He proceeded to to address more of his supporters in Busia before attending a radio show on East FM in Tororo where he promised to focus on agriculture which he said is dead in the current regime.

Still on his campaign trail in the East, yesterday Kabuleta went for his church service  at Walukuba Miracle Center and later The Good Samaritan, and was visiting preacher in both.

While teaching about the sons of Isaac, he told congregants not to be like Esau and sell their birthrights by neglecting causes while voting.

He encouraged believers to get more involved in leadership so that they can have a platform on which to advance their issues.

“Evil prevails because the righteous keep quiet and watch,” he said.

Speaking at a Press Conference in Lubaga zone, the Presidential hopeful explained his message for Busoga and answered questions about police brutality.

He blasted the role of systemic middle men who he said is killing the sugarcane business promising to improve prices of cane and guaranteed market for farmers.

Commenting about police brutality, the former journalist revealed that there is an idly parket police truck that had been trailing him since morning.

“The police have orders to shoot civilians at the slightest provocation on flimsy excuses not even related to breaking laws,” he said.

Kabuleta added that whereas it is unlikely that police would shoot a presidential candidate; “they will easily shoot civilians showing support and face no consequences whatsover.”

“My aim is to speak to people and not to get them killed.”

On the recent incident where he was blocked in Masindi, Kabuleta said that he cancelled his rally when police started teargasing random villagers.

“I would not let innocent Ugandans die on my watch.”

Kabuleta is still in Busoga region where he is preaching his message of financial liberation.



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