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Yesterday’s Outpouring of Support Shows NUP is Everywhere, Says Lewis Rubongoya



The jubilation that followed yesterday’s nomination of Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine is a testimony that the National Unity Platform (NUP) has national character, Party Secretary General Lewis Rubongoya has disclosed.

Addressing the press on Wednesday November 4, 2020, Rubongoya said that this debunked the widely held notion that the three month old party does not stretch beyond Uganda’s central region and its members are ‘thugs, rogues and excited youths’.

“They said, No, these are excited young people, it did not work. See the leaders who are here in NUP, respectable leaders and full of integrity. Then they said these guys are just in Kampala. But whoever saw what happened yesterday, that a person is nominated and the victory is reverberated across the country is testament that NUP is indeed everywhere in all corners of the country,” he retorted.

“For me that gives me comfort and gives me assurance that we will not stop at being at the ballot but eventually we will be in State House Entebbe ‘Mu Ntebbe’,” Rubongoya assured.

Alluding to the bible, he pointed out that no amount of intimidation and tricks will stop them from taking state power at the forthcoming 2021 Presidential Elections.

“Those of you who read the Bible, you know it very well that when David faced Goliath, even before that when he was interacting with King Saul, he told him that ‘the God who saved me from the lions will save me from this man’,” Rubongoya cited.

According to media reports, it is understood that there were running battles between Police and NUP supporters in the towns of Mubende, Kampala, Mbarara and Masaka among many others.

On the other hand, Uganda Police Force (UPF) has since warned supporters of various candidates against holding processions which it said not only exacerbate the spread of Covid-19 but also leads to violence at times.

“All individual actors and groups that intend to use political processions and unregulated rallies, to show their level of broad public support should stop and instead adopt better campaign strategies in line with the Electoral Commission and Ministry of Health guidelines against Covid-19,” the Joint Security Taskforce stated yesterday.


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