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Self Proclaimed Ghetto President Rallies Youth to Handover Mimic Military Attire



The self-proclaimed ghetto president and presidential advisor Buchaman has on Tuesday morning decided to handover all attire similar to that of the military in their custody to the Police

This follows last week’s dramatic raid at the National Unity Platform-NUP offices that saw the arrest of over 80 people found in possession of attire similar to military stores.

Buchman however says their mini operation was inspired by police action at the NUP party offices and is a call to all ghetto youths that he represents to handover all military resembling attires to the nearest police station to avoid facing jail time.

Buchaman says he hopes that several musicians will also follow in his lead and handover thair military resembling attire.

He adds that it is his responsibility as a ghetto leader to urge youths to return the government stores in 14 days as directed by
the police.

While speaking at the Uganda media center on Monday, the police mouthpiece Fred Enanga revealed that they have launched an operation to collect all military stores in the possession of the public within 2 weeks.

Enanga said a number of musicians he declined to name have started gathering their military resembling attire that they intend to handover by the end of this week.

Enanga however went on to explain that police are targeting the manufacturers of these stores and operation to that effect is ongoing countrywide.

Enanga says the operation will also target families of retired military and police personnel who continue to misuse the government stores.

Section 170(2) of the Penal Code Act says that any person who, without the authority of the persons upon whose application an order under this section has been made, uses or wears any uniform, badge, button or other distinctive mark described in the order, or any uniform, badge, button or another distinctive mark so closely resembling the same as to lead to the belief that it is a uniform, badge, button or another distinctive mark so described, commits a misdemeanor

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces-UPDF ACT 2005 as amended under section 160 provides that the red beret is part of their marks, accessories, insignia, decoration and uniform.

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