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Controversial City Pastor Augustine Yiga Of The ‘Abizaayo’ Fame Rushed Back To Nsambya After Condition Worsens



Controversial City Pastor Augustine Yiga of the Kawaala-based Revival Church is reportedly not in the best health  conditions and has allegedly been rushed back to Nsambya Hospital battling what has been termed as “liver complications”.

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After getting specialized treatment for about 3 weeks from Nsambya, the controversial man of God was allowed to go back home on Saturday last week but inside sources reveal that his condition later deteriorated something that forced doctors to call him back 2 days after his release

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In the entertainment world, Pastor Augustine Yiga is a common face for his comic sermons and statements that have often landed him in trouble.

Most recently, he was in prison for a couple of weeks for making statements that the state deemed reckless and endangering to the citizens of the country when he noted that Coronavirus doesn’t exist.

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It was revealed on Tuesday evening that the renown city pastor has been battling liver complications for a week now at Nsambya Hospital.

Not much more has been revealed yet by his family and close associates but the reports suggest that he is not in the best shape. Slide in a prayer for him!

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