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Opinion:“Putting on a red attire is not criminal” —Big Eye starboss



Singer Ibrahim Mayanja alias Big Eye starboss seems to have decided to strengthen his intentions to fight for the common people using his platforms after him creating a harsh tag condemning the unfair arrests on Ugandans.

This singer took to his Facebook and made a post condemning the police’s act of arresting Ugandans wearing red berets. In his post, Big Eye explained that Ugandans are free to wear anything saying arresting them is one way of violating their rights and that it is unlawful.
“As a fair Ugandan, honestly why would you arrest someone for putting on a red attire? We have been putting on this color for many years. I felt very sad when I saw young people being taken to Kitalya prison just because they were found putting on a red color. That is unlawful, unfair and violation of human rights.” He noted

Last week, police arrested civilians in Kamwokya who were found selling and wearing red berets during the raid that was made at the NUP offices.This raised reactions in the public with many saying it’s unfair.

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