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Ayoba app introduces mobile money feature, enabling customers to send money to each other in-app




By Our Reporter

MTN Uganda has introduced Mobile Money person to person transactions within the ayoba App, a feature that will enable customers to send money to each other in-app, while chatting, without having to log out of the app in order to send money.

In July this year, MTN Uganda in partnership with SIMFY AFRICA, launched ayoba, with a core aim of enabling their customers to access more affordable communication. Ayoba is an instant messaging app that is currently available to Android devices with the iOS version set to be rolled out soon.

Talking about the new features on the App, Susan Kayemba, the Senior Manager, MTN Digital Services said that; “We are happy to inform our customers that they can now send money and receive money within the ayoba app while they chat. They can also listen to music or play games and soon iOS device users will be able to access the ayoba super app and become part of this revolutionary communication experience.”

Kayemba further noted that MTN and SIMFY will continue modifying the ayoba app to integrate all their customers’ telecommunication needs.

According to the ayoba app developers, ayoba is not just a new platform for people to chat with each other, it is a one of a kind digital platform that elevates the concept of instant messaging to a whole new level of instant and integrated connecting.

Unlike other messaging apps, with ayoba, customers can chat (app to SMS and SMS to app) with anyone regardless of whether they have a smart phone or not, or whether they have the ayoba app or not. MTN customers can reply to these messages on SMS even when they don’t have the app.

Ayoba lets you securely send and receive text messages, voice messages, videos, images, audio and other files with any of your contacts, using your mobile internet connection. MTN customers will however not need any data (MBs) to use the service. They can use it free of charge up to 1GB of data, every month.

This innovation, underscores MTN’s leadership ambitions in innovation as it helps Africa claim its place in the IM evolution.

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