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Anitah Fabiola Distances Self From Pregnancy Rumors, Confirms Boyfriend Still Firing Blanks



Social media has been filled with reports that former NTV and NBS TV presenter and emcee Anita Kyarimpa alias Anita Fabiola is now being haunted by strange cravings and that she and that she was eating raw mangoes like a real primate.

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The reason? She is ballooned! News of Fabiola being pregnant first came out after she was reported to be staying with her new fiance Mark Ronald.

However, with the news gaining momentum, Fabiola had to come out to address the rumours. She subsequently appeared on the NBS UNCUT show with a visible flat tummy and denied that she has ever been pregnant.

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While talking NBS TV’s Kaiyz, Fabiola revealed that she will decide when to have kids although she is jot yet sure about how many she would have. She also came short on revealing whether she will have those kids with Mark.

“I have no clue or idea about rumors that claim that am pregnant. However, I will have kids in the near future though I won’t mention the number of children I would like to have,” stated Anita Fabiola.

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