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Musicians struggling to rise above their “upcoming status”



You have probably heard about the singing ‘presidents’, ‘excellencies’, ‘kings and queens’, ‘Dancehall/Reggae god’ ‘Big Size’, name it.  However, there are also those artists who have been in the industry but failed to gain enough traction and popularity on the type of music that nears the respect of that of Uganda’s music legends. Is it because they don’t have money, good voices, or they were not meant to make it?

Today, we bring you our list of the ever upcoming and still struggling Uganda’s musicians. The list is based on how long the musician has been in the game, musical success, big hit songs they have released, international awards he/she won, big concerts he/she organised and how he/she got to be recognized in the industry.

Omulangira Suuna

Emmanuel Suuna, known by his stage name Omulangira Suuna has for a long time been fighting hard to make it on top. Suuna has been in the music industry for more than 13 years, however, speaking of music success, he has not yet been lucky compared to his talent ability. For the years the singer has been in the industry, he has never organized a big concert. He has no big tune to describe him apart from ‘Nakudata’ a collabo with late Radio and Weasle and ‘Love yo’.

Allan Tonix

Speaking of an amazing voice that soothes the soul, Tonix is just the guy, however this has not made him famous in Uganda. Even though he has been in the industry for several years and owns some nice songs like ‘Tugende Tukyekole’, Mulamwa, Swagg meter and others, Tonix is mostly known in Kampala but don’t get surprised when you go to Mbale and mention his name and the country men have no clue about who he is.


Mark Bugembe, popularly known as Buchaman is said to have entered in the music industry in the early 2000s. He has been in the industry for over 20 years. His former ally and Fire Base group member Bobi Wine has many hit songs compared to Buchaman yet they started the music struggle together.

Apart from beating faded rapper Rocky Giant like a baby, Buchaman has no music Ugandans can listen to. The journey to the success for the 20 years the singer has been in the industry has truly not been a walk in the park and to top it all off, word reaching our desk is that he is still renting.

Lydia Jazmine

Singer Lydia Jazmine shot to the scene after releasing her song ‘You Know’ a collabo with faded singer Rabadaba. Her sweet voice made some people think she is going to be one of the biggest African female musicians to come from the Pearl but up to now she is still straddling and upcoming in the industry and yet she is over 5 years old in the industry.

She is only famous on social media as far as her real fans are concerned and this is owing to the perfectly orchestrated photo-shoots she has been launching on her social media pages even though her music is not being paid attention to by Ugandans, this could actually be a reason as to why she has never organized a concert.

Naava Grey

For ‘Ninga Omuloge’ singer Naava Grey she has made a name for herself in corporate world but hasn’t really owned the main stage, she has also been in the industry for quite a number of years but she is not famous in Uganda.

Chozen Blood

Singer Patrick Musasizi known by his stage Chosen Blood is mostly  known for his collaborations with Walden, ‘Pressure ya Love’, ‘Wadawa’ with Sheebah and ‘Yitayo’ with Winnie Nwagi that are enjoyed by a great number of Ugandans.

The singer has been in the game for over 10 years but he is not as popular as compared to the years he has been pro-active in the music industry.

There is no way you can mention struggling Ugandan musicians and forget Chosen Blood.

Leila Kayondo

She is also one of those female musicians who have been in the music industry for a long time but failed to be famous in Uganda but still fighting to make it on top.

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