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‘You Miss Purple Party But People Miss Food’…Fans Blast Douglas Lwanga For Being Self Centered With Unfair Demands To The Gov’t



Celebrated TV Star Douglas Lwanga could probably be going through some of the roughest days of his life after fans on social media turned the heat on him for being self centered and treating up and coming artists in a slightly unfair manner while on his program on NBS.

It should be noted that on Monday night, the humble looking Tv presenter received an insurmountable amount of backlash on his official Facebook page after posting that he misses the purple party and that government should find a way of bringing back social events back to life.

Upon seeing Douglas’s post on Facebook, a number of fans took to the comments sections and told him to stop bullying upcoming musicians.

And now as if that was not enough a few emotional online warriors have taken it a step further and blasted Douglas for being too self centered.

Despite having a valid claim, a number of people on social media seem to suggest that the TV presenter is selfishly advocating for the return of concerts yet his very fans and people who attend those events are starving because of lack of food

”Wakagilya purple party we hv been dieing in our houses mizzi gwe whom did u try to send money or food Kati oli wano oyasama komanyoko” a one Allen commented

”People are suffering anger some media personalities are here joking with purple party yet u have the voice shame on you” a one Dave joined the rant

You are so self centred kantu gwe! Kabulile kuyita SARS in Nigeria that it’s a disease, we shall remember you for never standing with the common Ugandan, kalega fake American accent! a one olive also blasted Douglas

As if that was not enough Brian also joined in ”You miss purple party but people miss food”

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