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Lost And Found Song Bird Irene Ntale Drops Highly Entertaining Video For Her Love Ballad ‘Every Where’



Universal Music Group songstress Irene Ntale returns with more visuals off her Sukaali EP with this brand new video for her song titled “Every Way”.

During our Sukaali EP review, Every Way was ranked quite highly and one of our contributors Franklin Kaweru awarded it a rating of 7/10 just after the release of the EP.

“The Irene Ntale we all have known over the years with that sweet charming raspy voice that never fades out of the mind returned with Every Way. It’s a song that will be played a lot at wedding receptions. Buta Magical did awesome production work and the song is a 7/10,” noted Kaweru.

Following weeks have seen it become a favorite for several local music lovers and now we have visuals which will keep your eyes glued to the screen.

The audio was produced by Butar Magical and the new visuals were directed by Pest. Take a gaze:

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