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My father is ready to receive Sheebah as his daughter in-law – ‘Dreaming’ Mirundi Junior spills the secrets



A few months ago, water mouthed political analyst Tamale Mirundi vowed to throw son out of his house after declaring unending love for singer Sheebah Karungi.

Mirundi Junior said he has intentions to marry the superstar who had never met him then.

This forced Mirundi Senior to warn him off Sheebah who he described as an indecent woman not fit to be with his son who has had huge sums of money invested in him for a better future.

However, Mirundi Junior now claims he managed to convince his father to love Sheebah. He further said that the former PPS now listens and dances to the “TNS” singer’s music as well as the whole family.

He also emphasized that they are ready to receive her as a daughter in law.

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