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Twins Choke on Human Waste After Falling Into Pit latrine They Were Using Untended



Police in Wakiso has started investigations into circumstances under which 5-year-old twins were reportedly discovered dumped in a pit latrine by their elder brother.

The 2 children a girl and boy both Kasambya village, Busukuma sub-county in Wakiso District are currently admitted at Kiruddu hospital in a critical state.

They allegedly fell into a pit latrine one of them was trying to use.

The residents claim one twin identified as Shifrah Babirye first entered the pit latrine for nature’s call and accidentally fell in causing her brother Isma Kato to come to her rescue, however, he equally accidentally slipped and fell into the same pit.

The children reportedly spent close to 10 minutes covered in human waste until their elder brother went to use the pit latrine and found Babirye’s clothes dumped on the floor.

He quickly sounded an alarm that attracted the attention of the mother and neighbors who converged and alerted Police to help rescue the suffocating twins.

Police worked together with the area residents to rescue the children and rush them to the hospital.

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