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By Reporter

In a scientific meeting, Shaka Zulu owner Hajji Umaru Kikungwe met with Charles Denzel Mwiyeretsi to sign documents of an influencer partnership that will see Denzel using his platforms on radio tv and social media to endorse and push the Shaka Zulu Foods brand. Denzel a resident of Mbuya for many years, has been a frequent customer fo Shaka Zulu Foods who are nearby on Camping Road in Kiswa, Bugolobi for both visits to the restaurant and deliveries at his nearby home. Denzel’s followers on social media know his love for good food from the many times he posts food pictures, sometimes cooked by himself but even he has to call Shaka Zulu to prepare what he cannot cook, most notably Luwombo and Pilau!

Hajji Umaru and Denzel agreed the need to raise awareness of the Shaka Zulu foods brand and new corporate menu including more flavours of juice and a breakfast menu, which customers asked for! The partnership will see Denzel hosting a lucky follower at Shaka Zulu Foods for and you can eat experience where they will get to interact with Denzel in person and dig into his mind. Denzel will also use his social media platforms to reach out and send meals to lucky followers on social media and also listeners / watchers of his radio show on xdm and tv show on urban Tv.

Will this mean Denzel will abandon his kitchen and stop posting pictures of his home cooked meals? No, he says. A restaurant can never replace the home menu but is a great addition either to go out for dates or meetings or to order at home when one is tired to cook or simply yearning some professionally cooked food.

Denzel and Shaka Zulu are here to put a smile on your face or a loved one with some free meals, so make sure you follow them on social media (@Denzelug @shakazuluKla) for your chance to win some of the well known tasty food from Shaka Zulu Foods!

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