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Sex Party Criminals Paraded Before The High Court On Multiple Charges



Police in Kampala has revealed that the 21 sex perverts that were busted on Sunday during an infamous sex party have today appeared before the courts of law.

They were all busted erotic and naked at a locked bar called Tower’s bar and lodge in Kireka, Kira Municipality with booze and drugs at the party code-named “Be mine sex party” for trans night sex.

They were netted towards midnight after the police were notified that the sex games had started and swung in action.

Police gave an update on Monday where they uncovered the ring leader and organizer of the event identified as Anita Keiz, a resident of Kireka who is currently on the run and she was working with another woman identified as Panadol, a resident of Kawaala also in police detention.

Today while addressing a presser ASP Luke Owoyesigirye the Kampala metropolitan spokesperson said all they have today been presented to the courts of law on many charges.

Among the charges include; disobedience of lawful orders, negligent acts likely to cause the spread of infectious disease, indecent practices, promoting trafficking, Prostitution, and operating a brothel.

Owoyesigirye says some of the charges stem from the fact that they were overcrowded in a small place, released nude pictures online, advertised a sex party, and involved in prostitution by charging money for participants 50.000 shillings VIP and 30.000 shillings ordinary.

He has also revealed that police are currently hunting for Atushimire Sharon and her husband to be charged with operating a brothel because they offered their building knowing too well of the illicit practices to be done there.

Meanwhile, concerning the 16-year-old who was sexually molested by 4 men after her aunt sent her to the Party, he says investigations are still ongoing although her story has a lot of inconsistencies.

She had claimed that she entered the sexual ring to earn 10.000 shillings per client narrated to police that she was instead bonked by 4 men for no pay.

The girl told police that their Auntie Prossy Nabukenya who is currently in police custody handpicked her and the 14-year-old sister to enter prostitution after they started living with her.

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