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I am happy for Daddy Andre and Nina Roz. Let them bonk in peace, I have no problem – Angella Katatumba



Angella Katatumba was struggling for so long musically until she met Daddy Andre who changed everything thanks to their collaboration, ‘Tonelabira”.

It was later revealed that the two were dating until they bitterly broke up about 6 months ago.

Word on the street is that Daddy Andre is now dating fellow singer Nina Roz who recently signed to Black Market Records, a label he is also signed to.

In a recent interview, Angella was asked how she felt when the news landed in her ears and she happily said she doesn’t mind them but she is instead happy. “I moved on and I don’t mind that he moved on as well, as you can see, I am okay. I am just happy for them.” She said.

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