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Excited TNS Star Sheebah Karungi Welcomes Flattering Pregnancy Wishes With A Good And Warm Heart



For quite a long time now, a number of die hard TNS fans have been demanding to know when singer Sheebah Karungi will eventually settle down and have some babies for herself and the hubby to be.

Appearing on so many interviews, Sheebah has always made it clear that she will have babies but only at the right time in life. The ‘Nakyuka’ hit maker has always fronted the importance of growing her glittering career visa vie getting married and having children.

Well, it seems like even after knowing where Sheebah’s priorities lie at the moment, fans on social media still wish her to get pregnant now rather than later in life.

To make Sheebah understand how badly they need her to get pregnant ,a yet to be identified group of fans took it upon themselves and photo-shopped Sheebah dressed in a stripped lesu showing off her ripe and big ballooned stomach.

Upon seeing the pic on Instagram, Sheebah took out the fun in the message and immediately gave props to the well wishers who took time to edit her in the photo.



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