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Zahara Totto Mocks ‘Ainebituli’ Winnie Nwagi In Tingling Video On Instagram



For most of last week, the photos showing Winnie Nwagi’s booty were trending on social media. It seems like Zahara Totto also wants in on the “butt fame” after she released her own video mimicking Nwagi.

'Ainebituli' Winnie Nwagi
‘Ainebituli’ Winnie Nwagi

Influence comes in many ways. For Zahara Totto, she chooses to flaunt her body in a skimpy swimsuit, right before the cameras trying to emulate Swangz Avenue star Winnie Nwagi.

Totto flaunting her Coca-cola bottle figure
Totto flaunting her Coca-cola bottle figure

In a manner that will easily annoy her haters and some of Winnie Nwagi’s fans, Zahara Totto tries to point at part of her booty trying to show the dimples which were the main talk when Nwagi’s photos were shared online.

In her caption, Zahara reveals that she is also looking for the dimples in her butt and whoever has them should lend them to her. “Nonya butuli. Abulina abumpe,” wrote Zahara.

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