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UPDF Breaks Silence On Kony Letter



The Uganda People’s Défense Forces (UPDF) has spoken out on reports making rounds on social media platforms that the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) is seeking peace talks with the government.

Addressing journalists in Kampala today, Lt. Col. Deo Akiiki, the Army Deputy Spokesperson said that although they cannot deny or confirm that the LRA could have taken such a decision, such information is not yet within their domain.

“There have been rumours on social media about the leader of the LRA requesting for peace talks. As UPDF, it is not yet our time to talk about LRA seeking for peace or not. We can neither confirm nor deny that the LRA could have taken such an action. It’s not yet within our domain,” Akiiki said.

“And in any case, if anything of that matter comes up, we are sure government will inform you about the developments. It is our desire that there is always harmony in the community, if LRA decides to take that action.”

He however says it is the UPDF’s desire that LRA takes such a decision that is long overdue.

Kony for over two decades waged a brutal war against the National Resistance Movement government, killing, and displacing thousands of people in the North and North Eastern parts of Uganda.

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