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Roke Telkom to Extend Welfare Support to 300 Children in Uganda



Roke Telkom, a Ugandan telecommunications company, has kicked off its annual corporate social responsibility initiative named Roke Gives Back, with a charity visit to Generations In Action Children’s Home in Gulu. This year, the philanthropic initiative will impact about 300 children in different orphanages and homes across Uganda.

Roke Gives Back is an annual umbrella CSR initiative whose purpose is to help the vulnerable individuals in society through provision of relief items, and fundamental resources to improve the living conditions of the targeted individuals or communities.

Ms. Michelle Baine, the Brand Manager at Roke Telkom, emphasized the company’s commitment to philanthropic causes saying that, “COVID-19 has affected many people, families, communities in distinct ways and brought unprecedented struggles upon orphanages and children’s homes. The restricted movement and temporary halt to the normal routine has left the homes predisposed to challenges of caring for the children. It is therefore upon us, as responsible corporate citizens to step in and support them with the basic needs to ease their load.”

“Roke Telkom is pleased to be able to make such contribution to society. It is our conviction that the support we are extending to the children’s homes today will make an impact and ease the load of the caretakers, especially during such challenging times,” Baine added.

“According to the 2019 Situation Analysis of Children in Uganda, 56% of Ugandan Children are deprived of 6 or more things or activities deemed essential by the majority of Ugandans. With such alerting statistics, it’s important to think about the children in homes whose numbers out power the available resources,” She added

The caretaker at Generations In Action expressed her gratitude on behalf of the home for the unwavering support towards the children. “We are grateful for the generosity Roke Telkom has extended to us over time. It is with such patronage that we are able to take care of the children and provide them with the necessities,” she said.

Last year, Roke Telkom made donations to different homes including; Bless A Child Foundation in Kikoni a source of solace to children suffering from Cancer related illnesses. This is among the four different homes they made contributions to in different regions country wide.

Roke Telkom dedicates the month of October to give back to the community on top of the other engagements during the year as goodwill to restore hope and aspirations among the vulnerable communities. The charitable drive will happen in different children’s homes in four districts this year; Kampala, Fort Portal, Masaka and Jinja.

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