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Museveni names Amin’s son Taban Amin to deputize new ISO chief Oluka after firing Kaka



Former President Idd Amin’s son, Taban Amin is the new deputy Internal Security Organisation ISO chief.

President Yoweri Museveni on Thursday evening fired ISO chief Lt. Col Kaka Bagyenda and replaced him with Lt. Col. Charles Oluka.

Earlier reports had indicated that Lt. James Katabazi appointed the deputy ISO chief. However, the army has amended the communication to reveal that Katabazi had been promoted to the rank of Major.

Army spokesperson Brig. Flavia Byekwaso explained: “The public is hereby informed that the new Director General Internal Security Organisation (ISO) is Lt Col Charles Oluka and his Deputy is Mr Taban Amin. Lt Katabaazi was only promoted to Major.”

Byekwaso added: “Some press reports have referred to him as the Deputy DG ISO which is incorrect. Congratulations to Lt Col Charles on his new appointment.”

Kaka Sacking

Lt. Kaka was fired after the President found irregularities in his work as ISO chief.

Experienced journalist Andrew Mwenda took to social media to weigh in on Col. Kaka’s sacking. Mwenda links Kaka’s dismissal to safe houses and cooking up intelligence reports.

The former scribe explained: “ISO Director General Kaka Bagyenda has been fired forthwith. This follows after President Kaguta Museveni sent SFC to open his safe houses and release the victims of his torture leading to a shootout! Kaka has also been fabricating intelligence, polluting the air.”

He narrated: “As I said on last year, we Ugandans did not need Western human rights pretenders to fight evil in our system. Kaka forgot that the ideological foundations of the NRM/UPDF/ISO stand in opposition to the thuggish methods he used. So his fall was inevitable and had to be domestic.”

Who is Taban Amin?

Amin born in 1955, has been an ISO operative engaged in wooing Allied Democratic Force (ADF) rebels to surrender.

He is a former rebel leader, who once occupied Uganda’s embassy building in Kinshasha in the DRC. He later became a darling of the Government, when he returned from exile with his fighters.

Amin once led a music band that called for a third term for President Museveni.

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