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Museveni Shields Government on Construction of Passage Roads to the DRC , Defends Need on Trade



President Museveni has explained the government’s decision to construct 3 roads in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC valued at billions in shillings.

This comes shortly after members of Parliament on Budget Committee opposed the Government’s plan to spend Shs254bn on the construction of roads in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The legislators objected to the move saying the government’s decision to prioritize roads in the DRC over roads within Uganda is not equitable given that it has abandoned its commitment to inter-connectivity roads in the country.

However, during the 58th Independence celebrations this afternoon at the statehouse in Entebbe, Museveni insisted that it will happen for the sole purpose of trading that will benefit both countries.

‘’Yes we have our poor roads here but we also have good roads. But in order to build those bad ones, we need trade with Congo and South Sudan. We don’t just go there to preach the gospel. The road we will build to Congo is for trade’’ Museveni said.

He noted that much as the proposal to develop roads in the DRC has recently received negative criticism, it will go on because the government has already reached agreements with neighboring nations lie DRC to jointly develop infrastructure that will support trade among countries.

He also explained d that by allowing trade with Congo, it will bring Uganda resources to build the bad roads within the country since the country earns about USD $500m dollars a year from trading with the DRC.

Uganda will contribute 20% of the roads project. The total project cost is $334.5m, thus putting Uganda’s contribution to $66.9m approximately Shs254bn.

The money will be procured from an Shs3.4 trillion supplementary request pending approval of Parliament.

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