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“Fik Fameica is my best friend”—Lydia Jazmine



Uganda’s recording artiste Lydia Jazmine known for her sense of fashion has revealed that rapper Fik Fameica is her best friend and no one will change that.

In a television interview,Jazmine noted that she is not bothered by what people say about her relationship with the rapper for she knows better what they are. “ I know fans sometimes judge and the media also can decide to create stories. But that can not stop me from living my life my way. I am not dating Fik Fameica but he is my best friend. We share a lot in common and I easily bond with him.” She noted

Lydia further revealed that she is not rushing for marriage noting that she is moving at God’s pace. She noted that she will date any man that God will bring her way.” I am not in a rush. I will date and get married to any man God will bring way regardlessof who they are and what they do.”
She however said that she is used to living in the limelight for it also has made her stronger than she was.

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