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Tracing the achievement of Uganda’s Education under first Lady Janet Museveni



By Our Reporter

Uganda’s Education system has improved since her independence of 1962 and most drastically the past 4 years. The new education system has registered more schools, improved the education standards at all levels that has seen almost all Uganda’s young citizens attain it. This is manifested in different programs started by the Maama Janet Museveni in the ministry, which has surpassingly attracted a girl child as compared to previous years.

By 1986, only 2,203,824 pupils were registered in school but as of today, the number of school going pupils exceeds 10million.

In Secondary schools, the number was 123,479 in the year 1986, right now the number of students in Secondary schools exceeds 3million.

It should be noted that Maama Janet is the first minister in Uganda to appreciate all teachers in Uganda through The National Teachers Conference where all different teachers are awarded accordingly. Through this, professors and teachers from Ireland pledged to join the conference every year to share different teaching experience with our own teachers. Maama Janet also sends at least 3 teachers among the best 5 to different countries educational tours every year, something that is uplifting the education system in Uganda.

Because of her continuous efforts, the government has conjugated efforts to set up at least one secondary school in every county and one primary school to every subcounty. This is a gradual success will be achieved in the financial year 2020/2021 in which 115 schools have been constructed as planned and a limited number of 428 Divisions are the only ones remaining to have a school as promised according to the ministry of Education and Sports.

The improved education system has seen the introduction of free tertiary education. In the past three years the government has renovated 28 tertiary schools to suite to standards and its intension is to set up at least one school per represented constituency.

As of now, 47 Universities are in place and out of the 47, 8 Universities are government owned with paid for students totaling to 4000. The government introduced tuition loan scheme for underprivileged students.

This is incredibly noted with the vast completion of studies by a girl child even at the University level where the government initiated a one and half additional mark to a girl child on her senior six results in order to trigger a bigger number of girl students on University level. As of now, a percentage of 49 students of the 100 are girl Students.

With this impressive effort by Maama Janet Museveni, more women have created and attained highly rated jobs and many other economic opportunities.

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