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Bebe cool Releases Election banger



Big Size is back at it. He has released a new song titled “ Mwongedde Akalulu”, a beautifully done song that highlights the achievements of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the NRM government. The song, geared to drum up support for the president, talks about the government’s efforts in combating, among many issues, the HIV pandemic, improving business and investment and creating a peaceful environment for livelihoods to thrive.

The song is beautifully crafted with Bebe cools sultry tones layered with matching back up vocalists on an African drum set that lends the song a catchy feel.and gives it a rhythm that spans a multi-cultural audience and is easy to identify with.

You can stream or download the Mwongedde Akalulu song here

We are anxious to see how the Hitmaker’s magic will work out this time