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NBS TV’s Star Sheilah Saltoft Gets Engaged To Zungu Fiance



Sheila ‘Salta’ Saltoft’s boyfriend Maxim Steurbaut went down on one knee and asked her to marry him amidst loud cheers from close friends during a night out on Saturday 3rd September 2020.

Maxim on one knee asking for Saltoft’s hand
Maxim on one knee asking for Saltoft’s hand

For several years, you must have seen Sheila Salta hanging around with Maxim Steurbaut a.k.a Kizito at the popular hangouts around Kampala. The two always publicly display their affection for each other.

It has been a longtime coming without the pair making their relationship official despite staying together and confessing how much love they’ve got for each other.

Salta and her Mr. right
Salta and her Mr. right

3rd September 2020 was the date set by Maxim who was just coming out of a 14-day quarantine period following his return from Belgium. With him came plans to mark his territory with a ring.

On one knee Maxim went! Surrounded by cheers from his friends, the immensely tattooed tattooist and businessman asked the NBS TV presenter to marry him. Her reaction showed how surprised and glad she was.

Salta confirmed in a tweet over the weekend;

Salta jumped up and down like a happy puppy, screaming on top of her voice and she said “YES!” as Maxim wrapped the ring on her finger and now, all we’re waiting for is the glamorous wedding.

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