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Prophet Brian Kagyezi to host Jumia’s CEO for an online business summit



By Reporter

The founder and vision bearer of Pneuma Word Church Prophet Brian Kagyezi has continued to raise the bar in raising wealthy and knowledgeable Christians in Business through the continued annual corporate service.

Despite the global effect of Covid-19 that struck many institutions worldwide for close to 7 months in a lock down the church was not left out and with the recent lifting of the lock down numerous churches have opened for services following strict standard operating procedures.  

For the case of Pneuma Word Church, it is maintaining holding its services online through its social media platforms and this includes maintain all their services online and this will include the annual corporate service that is scheduled for 10th and 11th October.  

Since the inception of corporate service by Prophet Brian Kagyezi about 5 years ago, the business meetings have increasingly impacted many lives of people worldwide as they prosper by the power of the word of God through the wealth of wisdom shared by seasoned experienced men.

Speaking to exclusively Prophet Brian to Kagyezi he said, “This is one of those life changing meetings that can define a person’s destiny, finances and become a solution provider to not only the country but the entire world.

We want to raise a purposeful generation of christians who not only know God but are also wealthy in business added Prophet Kagyezi.

This year’s corporate service will be graced by the Chief Executive officer (CEO) Jumia Uganda Ron Kawamara who will be the guest speaker, breaking down the question on How to build sustainable businesses amidst disruptions like COVID.   

Jumia is one of the exceptional model businesses in Uganda in the e-commerce industry and behind Jumia’s success is the passionate e-commerce entrepreneur leader, Ron Kawamara.

Pneuma Word Ministries has continuously stayed committed to organizing corporate service as the church hosts very experienced seasoned men in business with the aim to stir up Christians to take over in the business world.

According to the Communications head, Pastor Joanita Kakala revealed that, the service will be video live streamed on Pneuma Word Church’s online platforms on Youtube Wisdom channel, on face book at Prophet Brian Kagyezi and on radio,

My encouragement to people worldwide is to get ready to learn but also be ready with expectation in their hearts to receive from God because there will also be the demonstration of the power of God through a great of a Prophet of God, God’s mouth piece Prophet Brian Kagyezi who has continued to align destines of countless lives and it could be the one person reading this article that our joy is see the power of God touch and change lives.

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