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Spice Diana’s YouTube channel edges 200K Subscribers



By BigEyeUg Team

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Songstress Hajara Namukwaya famously known by stage names, Spice Diana continues to ignite her music career candle with more milestones being accomplished day after day.

The self-proclaimed ‘Star Gal’ is currently thrilled after her YouTube channel hitting 200,000 subscribers.

From her verified channel ‘Spice Diana’, YouTube overview stats reveal she joined the platform on 27th April 2015 and has collectively registered 24,726,609 views from her entire content.

This comes in 4months after she received a Silver Creator Award from YouTube after surpassing 100,000 subscribers.

Its also when she revealed her ambitions of reaching 1Million subscribers for a YouTube Golden Creator Award.

Watch Kokonya by Spice Diana Ft. Harmonize one of her most viewed video on YouTube;

Congratulations Spice Diana!

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