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NUP Ticket Denial: Nambooze to Face Off with Daughter-in-Law, Namayengo, in Mukono Municipality MP Race



Contenders for the Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament post are now four in number after the incumbent, Hon Betty Nambooze’s daughter-in-law, Lydia Namayengo Njuba, lost the Mukono District woman MP vote under NUP, opting to join the race against Nambooze and two others.

Lydia Namayengo Njuba, wife to Nambooze’s son Peter Njuba, joined the race after being denied the National Unity Platform party (NUP) ticket to contest for Mukono district woman MP.

The NUP ticket was given to Namayengo’s competitor, Hanifah Nabukeera, a move that got her counting her losses but propelled her to a bigger challenge.

Namayengo, the self proclaimed People Power coordinator in greater Mukono says that she did more than enough for the party but they sidelined her for another candidate.

Talking to reporters today, Namayengo confirmed that she has decided to join the race for the Mukono Municipality MP not necessarily to run against her mother-in-law, Nambooze, but because she has what it takes to.

“I have come to contest for Mukono Municipality MP seat, because I feel I can manage it,” she noted.

The two seasoned leaders, Nambooze and Namayengo, recently launched NUP offices in different parts of Mukono, a move that stirred controversy as to what their reasons could be.

It is alleged that Nambooze did not support Namayengo in her political will after her (Namayengo) resignation from the Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy (CCEDU).

“No one can stop me from contesting on this post because I feel I have everything that is needed to contest. What I have done in this town and Mukono at large is self explanatory,” Namayengo said.

“It is time for we, the youth, to take power from those old people because it is our time,” she added.

Namayengo now joins two candidates who already came out to challenge Nambooze, among whom is the current Mukono municipality Mayor George Kagimu, who was highly supported by the latter during his mayoral race in 2016.

Upon learning about Kagimu’s MP bid, Nambooze termed him as a “serial traitor.”

Another candidate who has come out to challenge Nambooze is Abasi Sozi of the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

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