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Rapper Gravity Omutujju undergoing a knee surgery



By BigEyeUg Team

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Sensational rapper Gravity Omutujju is currently in tremendous panic after a knee surgery recommendation.

The ‘Nyabo’ singer was reported in the past weeks to have sustained a serious knee injury during one of his leisure soccer matches with close friends.

Prior to the surgery admission, Gravity was capped with minimal pain in his knee joint but it worsened days after hence his medical attendants suggesting a surgery.

Gravity took it to his social media and begged his fans and followers to keep him in their prayers throughout his surgical period.

Knee surgery is often used for the treatment of different conditions that can cause knee pain.

While non-surgical treatments are often attempted for initial treatment, there are situations where knee surgery becomes the recommended or necessary treatment.

Knee surgery recovery time varies depending upon the type of knee surgery and the individual’s health.

Recovery in terms of walking or resuming normal life can begin within 3 to 8 weeks of surgery, while resuming strenuous activities may take quite a few months.

We wish Gravity a quick recovery!

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