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Daring Female Fan Offers To Serve Her Beans To Singer Chris Evans ‘Mu Bitiibwa’



Singer Chris Evans Kaweesi might be a firm admirer of Zanie Brown and her beauty, but he also has his own people dying for his love. Brenda Nafuula alias Brenda The Designer a social media guru has vowed to take her life if Chris Evans does not marry her.

Brenda revealed that she is so much in love with the “Zaake” hitmaker begging him to make her his wife. She also swore she would do something about herself if Evans ignores her earnest pleas.

During an interview, she asked Chris if he wants her to commit suicide.

Brenda reveals she called Evans asking for an appointment and he promised to call her back but he has never fulfilled her promise and nor pick his calls.

“ayagala nkole ntya, ayagala nette bwesi oba?”

In a rather comic and laughable incident, Brenda is seen kneeling down begging Chris Evans’s dad to accept her in their family as his daughter in law.

However, Evans is not interested. He says he has no interest in Brenda advising her to concentrate on the lover she already has.

Chris is concerned that if Zanie Brown sees her ( Brenda) she may end up getting mad at the “Zaake” singer!

“Temumulaga ku tv oyo omuwala bambi, kuba Zanie Brown bwanabilaba agenda nyiiga atte alekele awo okwata amasimu gange…” Chris pleads

Brenda has gone ahead to the studio and done a song dedicated to Chris Evans. She says she was married but broke up with her husband and has ten year old son.

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