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Celebrities condemn Buchaman over Rocky Giant incident



By BigEyeUg Team

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The story of faded singer at the same time Presidential adviser on Ghetto Affairs, Mark Bugembe aka Buchaman appearing in a video clip while harassing rapper Rock Giant continues to dominate news headlines today.

The viral video that leaked online, shows Buchaman together with his hostile goons physically assaulting Rocky Giant for allegedly calling himself ‘The Ghetto President’.

Rocky Giant is seen hanged-up in terror over Buchaman’s wrath and pleading for mercy.

However, different entertainment industry stakeholders are groaning about Buchaman’s impunity and condemning it to the highest level.

Celebrities have joined the new social media campaign to demand for Rocky Giant’s justice from authorities.

Here are some of the twitter strings raised by Ugandan celebrities against Buchaman’s unethical actions towards his fellow musician.

President Museveni appointed Buchaman his special envoy to the ghetto on 28th October 2020.

This was an effort to galvanize President Museveni’s support in Kampala slums and other ghetto areas in Uganda.

Since then, a several people in the music fraternity have come out to oppose Buchaman’s duties in the Ghetto and one is Rocky Giant who has now fallen victim of his retaliation on this.

Watch the moment here as Buchaman assaults Rocky Giant;

We will keep you posted.

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