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Abitex distances self from child neglect rumors



By Bigeye Ug Writer

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Events promoter and federation of Uganda’s promoters Association (FUPA) President Abbey Musinguzi alias Abitex has trashed rumors that he neglected his child.

This comes after a one Denis came out publicly to say that the his mother had revealed to him some information about the father who is Abitex. The young man explained that he had never got a chance to see his father until he saw Abitex on Tv.

Abbey Musinguzi aka Abitex

In a phone call with NBS’s Kayz, Abitex distanced himself from all these talks saying he does not know the boy and has never failed to take care of his own child.
“I have taken care of children who are not mine and therefore I can never fail to take care of my own. I know my enemies are at work but I believe they will not succeed. I will not give all this drama my time. I have a family that I am taking care of and we are happy.” He said.

The mystery man however said that he is ready for a DNA test and will not give up on this fight until Abitex takes care of him.

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