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Suubula Starts Selling Groceries Online



Uganda’s fastest-growing e-marketplace,, has introduced a special section for groceries, allowing buying and selling of vegetables, fruits, beef, poultry, spices and fresh foods at affordable prices.

A store owner can now list their groceries to attract millions of online customers.

The public can as well choose groceries sold at lowest prices from the store.

“This is part of our efforts towards providing the public with a one-stop shop for all groceries especially vegetables and other healthy foods that boost one’s immunity during these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Suubula Chief Executive Officer, Camble Hope.

Suubula remains committed to serve Uganda by providing instant access and delivering a wide range of products, including foodstuffs, safely to customers across the country. We are using professional logistics personnel in handling and transportation of the foods to our customers,” he added.

Suubula marketplace aggregates suppliers in various business categories, and allows businesses of all sizes to sign up as sellers on the marketplace to sell to millions of clients.

Camble encouraged innovators, product creators and dealers in foodstuffs to list their products on Suubula at a free cost.

Maureen Nantume, who runs a stall in Nakasero market, said’s decision to sell food online was timely and would boost their earnings.

“We’ll now sell more. Suubula will help us sell more to people who can’t afford to walk or drive to our market. Here we sell at better prices because most markets around Kampala pick their foodstuffs from our market,” said Nantume.

Brian Otim, an IT specialist in Kampala, said since the COVID-19, Uganda has witnessed a surge in on-demand, digital-first services designed to make food shopping more convenient for consumers.

He said Suubula has a huge opportunity to capture market share.

Otim observed that both online and offline retailers are currently locked in a battle to capture the loyalty of high frequency shoppers and fully establish themselves as the go-to grocery destination.

Like a snowball down a mountain, the shift from offline to online in the grocery sector is gaining momentum at a rapid rate

Camble said all one needs is to open website for guidance on registering as a seller or directly buying the available groceries in the stores.

Suubula has in recent months partnered with various entities including Coca Cola, Fine Spinners, African Queen Distributors and Longhorn to sell and distribute goods online.

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