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Muhammad Nsereko reveals what Dr. Besigye told ‘selfish’ opposition as they prepare to take President Museveni by the horns



Muhammad Nsereko will contest the Kampala MP slot on an independent ticket after falling out with NRM five years ago.

Nsereko was among the rebel MPs that protested several issues in the party. The legislator refused to repent after his colleagues Theodore Ssekikubo and Bernabas Tinkasimire thought otherwise.

Nsereko appeared on NBS Morning Breeze show on Tuesday and hailed opposition iron man Dr Kizza Besigye who chose not to present himself to voters.

He said: “Besigye has given people a blank cheque. Especially those who had said he had been there four times.”

Nsereko recollected: “He has been telling us you can’t win through elections. He has given those who don’t agree a challenge to prove him wrong.

The Kampala Central MP said: “You don’t contest against yourselves in a national election. No single political party in opposition can go for it alone. The interparty fights will hurt the opposition and will lead to more entrenchment of the ruling party.”

Nsereko regretted: “The level of selfishness has cursed doom on all of us. The opposition does everything to hurt one another. There is no way you can achieve change when you are inward looking in parties.”

Opposition will present National Unity Party chief Robert Kyagulanyi, Alliance for National Transformation President Mugisha Muntu, FDC duo of Patrick Amuriat and Ambassador Wasswa Birigwa and Norbert Mao of the Democratic Party among others.

On the current Electoral Commission leadership, he said: “Justice Byabakama and the EC are under test. The moment Ugandans lose trust in the electoral process, they will opt for other alternatives.”

Nsereko chipped in on the issue of academic papers: “Could it be true that the president doesn’t have academic papers? Were they very bad? Kyagulanyi’s academic documents were released immediately.”

He urged: “If the EC wanted to be fair, it could have released the academic documents of President Museveni within 24hours.”

Nserereko went on: “Imagine you are going for a match and the person that appoints the referee is the president of one of the clubs.”

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