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UPC to Reorganize Party Elections in Amolatar as Two Would-be Winners Score Same Votes



The Uganda People’s Congress has announced that it will re-conduct party elections for the Woman Member of Parliament for Amolatar after two candidates who competed for the position polled the same number of votes.

According to the results announced by Al hajji Muhamood Gabwera Kazimbiraine, the Chairperson of the party Electoral Commission at West Cliff Hotel in Lira this week, two candidates, Loyce Akello and Marylin Akello both scored 275 votes in a tight race.

“According to the party Electoral Commission, when candidates score the same votes, we are supposed to organize a rerun, which we expect to hold before the end of this week and it will be Saturday,” he said.

UPC party primary polls were held in only 10 districts after registering unopposed posts in the rest of the districts.

Another stiff competition was recorded in the Lira West Constituency Parliamentary seat race, where the winner defeated his opponent with one vote.

In this Constituency, Henry Ekwang Cilodyang who was declared the winner scored 138 votes while his counterpart Tony Walter Ojok scored 137 votes.

In the Otuke Constituency MP race, Moses Otim scored 334 votes beating his only counterpart Jasper Abong with a range of over 200 votes. Abong got 101 votes.

In a telephone interview with ChimpReports, Faizo Muzeyi, the Head of Media and Communication at UPC said that the polls were free and fair with no violence or rigging case reported.

“I was personally in charge of projecting results at the tally centre. Any results that were being recorded were projected live and whoever had complaints could bring his or her declaration forms and we sorted out the issue there and then,” Muzeyi said.

Muzeyi noted the use of social media helped the party in observing transparency during their polls.

“This helped the candidates in following whatever was going on and some of the defeated candidates personally came at the tally centre and congratulated their colleagues without any problem and all this was because of the transparency we employed,” he noted.

The voting was done by a secret ballot by the electoral colleges. According to Muzeyi, all electoral members voted.

“With this organization, now we can assure the country that we shall win all the positions where we shall field our candidates,” he said.

Other area results as reported by the UPC Electoral Commission are;

Kole District Woman MP

Eunice Akullo-48 votes

Janet Auma – 560 votes

Anna Alum- 208


Dokolo North County MP

Francis Ojok-423

Christopher Orech-18

Matuzi County

Maxwell Akora- 317

John Ofwang- 05

Ejute County

Charles Opio- 362

Joseph Awany- 28

Kwania County 

Innocent Omara- 259

Jimmy Okello- 119


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