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Njeru Based Vitafoam Set Ablaze



Njeru town-based mattress company, Vitafoam is up in flames, Ug Mirror reports.

The fire whose cause is yet to be identified has destroyed property worth millions of Shillings.

Police Fire brigade is already at the scene and trying to contain the fire.

About Vitafoam Uganda

According to their website, the origins of the company can be traced to 1975, when Uganda Industrial Properties Ltd., a holding company, forged an alliance with M/s Vita PLC of UK to form Vitafoam (Uganda) Limited.

The company has since been re-christened as Vitafoam (2015) Ltd.

Vitafoam quickly rose to establish a premier position among foam mattresses and became a byword for quality.

The Vitafoam mattress range features-

The ‘Silver’ brand, which is of density 20 kgs/cubic meter, is distinguished by alternating blue, white and green stripes.

The green is sometimes substituted by other colours, but the blue and white stripes are recurrent.

The ‘Gold’ mark has a density of 22 kgs/cubic meter.

This brand will always have the red/white/blue stripes, which though a registered trade mark is often counterfeited.

The ‘Orthopedic’ (or re-bonded mattress) is characterized by its high density and firm surface.

Little wonder then that ‘Vitafoam’ products are highly sought after.

They also make baby cots, foam sheets and an assortment of other foam products.

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