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God’s Plan’s New Fresh Hairstyle Leaves Fans Talking…’Sheilah Gashumba Is Molding Him Into A Celebrity’



It seems socialite Sheilah Gashumba wants to molding her man, Marcus Ali Lwanga aka God’s Plan into a big celebrity! God’s Plan was one of the very few ‘rich boys’ around who quaked flossing.

God's Plan used to hate lenses
God’s Plan used to hate lenses

His fear for public eye and camera was next to fallen Colombia drug lord Pablo Escobar.

This ex-Gunner star could hide his face, dodge interviews but ever since Sheilah started swallowing his reptile the narrative changed instantly!

Lil Stunner has perhaps pumped more confidence into God’s Plan, changed his sense of style and introduced him to UG showbiz. The numbers on his social media pages have since sky-rocketed. And now he has a fresh hairstyle which is making online in-laws speak in tongues. From French-cut to cream dreadlocks baby!

God's Plan unveils fresh new looks
God’s Plan unveils fresh new looks

With this new trend, God’s Plan might start signing new cooperate deals with big companies just like his ‘daily snack’, Sheilah Gashumba. He has the height, the fresh style, the massive body, smells good and on top of that he got that drop dead queen’s language accent!


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